Editorial: Get the vaccine; get $100 for info on rack thiefs

Published 2:53 pm Monday, May 10, 2021

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Yes, I got the COVID-19 vaccine – the Johnson & Johnson one-shot deal. No side effects whatsoever.

For months leading up to that day, I had been debating whether or not to be vaccinated. Heck, if enough people do it, there will be no need for me to get one because the pandemic would be over.

I had other reasons, too.

For one, I hate the sight of needles going into an arm (Or anywhere else, for that matter.), especially my own. I’ve even taken people to hold my hand when I knew a shot was coming. And I was an adult (by age, anyway).

Secondly, I’ve never willingly gone in for a shot. I’ve never had a flu shot. I backed up that decision because I’ve never gotten the flu, either. But with the copious amounts of garlic I consume, it’s no wonder people stay farther than six feet away. Garlic works, folks.

And third, like I said, if enough other people get the vaccine the virus can be slowed considerably.

But I did it. I wanted to do my part to get us back to whatever our normal once was. It was painless and only took a few minutes out of my day.

And you know what? I felt good about doing my part. I felt good in knowing that it won’t be my fault if someone I had been close to dies because my hard head refused to get a vaccine.

Some people just don’t believe in vaccines. That’s their business. That’s their right.

Some people say this one was rushed through too quickly. I think it just shows that our government can work at “warp speed” when needed. It only proves that we do have too much governmental red tape.

Some people said they won’t give China the satisfaction of getting a vaccine. Sorry, guys, but that kind of thinking would be playing right into China’s hands if, as you think, they purposefully spread the virus knowing it would tear us apart. Not getting the vaccine makes China the winner.

The same goes for political reasons. It makes no sense not to get the vaccine for a political reason. On one hand, I admire you. You’re willing to die for a political ideology. But, you know what? A virus doesn’t care what political party or ideology you follow. Getting a vaccine doesn’t mean you think Dr. Fauci is a genius. Getting a vaccine doesn’t mean you believe Roy Cooper makes the right decisions on our closings and re-openings. Getting a vaccine doesn’t mean you’ll be kicked out of whatever political party or group you follow.

The Davie County Health Department did a great job of getting the vaccines to the masses – quickly. Because of their efforts, Davie was among the best at getting vaccinations into arms. That pretty much stopped abruptly a couple of weeks ago when folks stopped showing up at the weekly mass vaccination clinic.

Didn’t get a vaccine because it was inconvenient? The health department is addressing that now. Just give them a call, and they’ll work out a time for you to be vaccinated.

Getting a vaccine simply means you care. You not only care about yourself, you care about others.

And that gives you a nice feeling.

Earn an easy $100

We apologize to our readers in Bermuda Run who couldn’t find a fresh copy of last week’s issue.

When our employees went to put news hot off the press into racks – the ones at Lowe’s Foods and at Bojangles were gone – taken by people who apparently have more muscles than brains. Surely, they didn’t want to read the news. I’m not sure if they can even read.

Our newspapers cost 75 cents each. We regulary take money out of the racks. If you get $10 out of a rack, consider yourself a lottery winner. If you get $5, consider yourself lucky.

Our racks are bound around poles with chains. We put weights in them to make them heavier. Picking them up and carrying them off is not only a lot of work for little reward, it’s illegal and easy to spot. And remember, there are cameras everywhere these days, including the places we put racks.

Once, the sheriff’s department put a GPS tracker into one of the machines. It worked. The people were caught, convicted and sent to prison. Get ready for more trackers in racks.

For these two most recent cases, we’ll pay $100 to anyone who provides information on the perpetrators that leads to an arrest. Wouldn’t that be something? You’ll legally make $100 while the low lifes with racks will illegally get a few dollars in change, if they’re lucky; or a few days in jail if things don’t go their way.

– Mike Barnhardt