Public records for week of April 15, 2021

Published 9:45 am Thursday, April 15, 2021

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Land Transfers

The following land transfers were filed with the Davie Register of Deeds, listed by parties involved, acreage, location and deed stamps purchased, with $2 representing $1,000.

– Mildred B. Benfield to Johnny Eugene Benfield Sr. and Patricia Dianne Moose Benfield, 1 lot, Calahaln Township.

– Mary G. Rogers to Catherine Virginia Smith and Adelbert Richard Smith, 1 condominium, Bermuda Village, $360.

– Carl B. Freyer and Melanie M. Freyer to Sara N. Younts, and Matthew Bellamy, 1 lot, Charleston Ridge, Mocksville, $400.

– Kim Leslie Hale to Jeffrey M. Kullman and Patricia Ann Kullman, and Donald A. Russell and Carol Russell, 1 lot, Oak Valley, Advance, $850.

– Jeffery K. Hembree and Sarah G. Hembree to Sherry J. Hembree, 1 condominium, Bermuda Run, $360.

– Kathy Ann Miller and Patrick C. Miller to Clayton Whittington, tracts, $344.

– Floyd F. Barney Jr. and Melissa S. Barney to David L. Coventry, tract, $480.

– Marcia Pardon Britt to Carla Pardon Coffey, 3.77 acres, $160.

– J. Larry Ledford, trustee to J. Domingo Cuanaz, 2,600 square feet, Mocksville Township, $60.

– Felix L. Carbajal and Antonia G. Maya to Gaudencio Bartolo and Maria Esthela Maya, 1 lot, $98.

– Linda Litaker and Larry Litaker to Chau Tran and Linhda Tran, tracts, Mocksville Township, $404.

– Katherine Ann Broadway to Jose Bedel Catalan Rodriguez and Monica Catalan, .5 acre, Jerusalem Township, $56.

– David R. Salmon and Diane F. Salmon to Jason William Bostic, .8 acre, Calahaln Township, $434.

– Jeronne Eugene Hale to Jeronne Eugene Hale and Brittany C. Lindsay, tracts, Bermuda Run.

– Joseph Antonio Cristiano to Joseph Anthony Cristiano and Carty Ann Beaston, 1 lot, Oak Valley, Advance.

– Brannon G. Angell and Pattie Jacobs Angell to Ross Spry, 1 lot, Jerusalem Township, $27.

– Select Homes to Billy E. Loflin, tracts.

– Angelia M. Whitaker to Caleb M. Whitaker, tracts, Farmington Township.

– Charles Andrew Marshall III and Tara Michelle Marshall, and Collier Lance Marshall to Philip D. Kelley Jr. and Lynne S. Kelley, tracts, Whippoorwill Road, $2,450.

– Eastwood Construction Partners to Elaine B. Lane, 1 lot, Kinderton Village, Bermuda Run, $694.

– Angelia M. Whitaker to Caleb M. Whitaker, 5.63 acres, Jerusalem Township.

– Brenda Guye and Tommy Guye to Bump Properties, 1 lot, Gladstone Woods Subdivision, $131.

– Jefferey T. Hinson and Amanda R. Hinson to Justin Trommelio and Samatha Tretter, 1 lot, Redland Way, $668.

– Tracey Brown Long and Craig Allen Long to Christopher Brent Miller and Leah Juanita Miller, 16.68 acres, Mocksville Township, $470.

– Christie Boettcher to Jonathan Mast and Violet Ruth Mast, tracts, Mocksville Township, $328.

– David Tkach and Paula Tkach to Isaiah Whitley and Emaline Tkach, 3.1 acres, Fulton Township, $320.

– CMH Homes to Jason M. Robertson and Kimberley J. Robertson, 3.83 acres, US 64  W., Mocksville, $39.

– Jamie Koufman to Melissa Edwards Avent, 1 golfdominium, Bermuda Run, $378.

– Neil D. Cornatzer and Wendy S. Parker to Ythan Webster and Ashlee Webster, 1 lot, Bermuda Run, $1,090.

– Deborah Kimberly Daywalt and Andrew Jarrett Daywal, Cherry Cheeks Frye and John Joseph Frye, and Bryan Eugene Cheeks to Black Label 13 Corp, 1.44 acres, Jerusalem Township, $196.

– Kimberly J. Keiser and Marlene H. Keiser to Jefferey Hinson and Amanda Hinson, 31.38 acres, Gray Sheeks Road, Advance, $930.

– Vikram Patel and Suchataben Patel Vishnu Properties, .74 acre, Mocksville Township.

– Betty L. Orrell, administrator of estate of John Roby Orrell to Robin Dale Orrell, 2 lots, US 158.

– Eastwood Construction Partners to Son Hoang Do and Xuan Kim Thi Nguyen, 1 lot, Kinderton Village, Bermuda Run, $677.

– Felix Smith and Linda D. Smith to Neal C. Foster and Kimberly L. Foster, tracts, Farmington Township, $260.

– Patrick C. Miller and Kathy H. Miller, Ronald Gene Howell and Jody Wilson G Howell, Matthew Holt Miller and Laura Ann Miller, Stephanie H. Mathis and Ronald S. Mathis, and Bryan S. Lakey and Suzanne Miller Lakey to Bryan S. Lakey and Suzanne Miller Lakey, 1 lot, Farmington Township.

– Bryan S. Lakey and Suzanne Miller Lakey to Matthew Holt Miller and Laura Ann Miller, 1 lot, Farmington Township, $100.

– Teresa Parks Crowe and Eli W. Vankuren and Jessica L. Vankuren, 1 lot, Lost Farm Drive, Advance, $970.

– Darrin L. Hartness and Lisa K. Hartness to Thomas E. Harding and Lena E. Harding, 1 lot, Forest Glen, Mocksville, $862.

– WJH to Sonya Latray Hamilton, 1 lot, Dutchman’s Creek Village, $364.

– Donald S. Jones and Shirley W. Jones to Donna J. Shore and Jason L. Shore, 3.4 acres.

– Johnny Surfine Garretson and Margaret Rebecca Garretson to Rebecca Lynn Thomas, .83 acre, Shady Grove Township.

– Joan A. Palmer to Peter B. Reklis and Autumn Cheryl Reklis, 1 lot, Spyglass, Bermuda Run, $570.

– Lisa Reavis Goodman and Mark Goodman, and Cynthia Lynn Reavis to Sean Thomas Carrell and Sylvina Arlene Carroll, 1.34 acres, Clarksville Township, $238.

– Windsor Investments to Nicholas Taylor Siega-Riz and Meghan Paige Siega-Riz, 1 lot, Saddlebrook Drive, Advance, $770.

– WJH to Hunter Houston Wilson, 1 lot, Dutchman’s Creek Village, $357.

– Kim Riley Beauchamp and Kimberly Robertson Beauchamp, William Shayne Beauchamp and Jennifer Ebright Beauchamp, Ronnie Wade Beauchamp, and Pamela Beauchamp Couch and Terry Monroe Coucn to Tycon Inc., 3.7 acres, $310.

– Arlene B. Anderson, trustee to Sam E. Watson and Nancy L. Watson, 6.09 acres, $84.

– WJH to Heather Jean Cochran and David Cochran, 1 lot, Dutchman’s Creek Village, $342.

– William G. Latouf and as administrator of estate  of Donna Marie Latouf to Thomas J. Vignola, 2 acres, Calahaln Township, $240.

– Patricia Margaret Lannan to Donald Edward Shereda and Nancy Beatrice Shereda, 1 villa, Bermuda Village, $470.

– David Scott Murphy and Cheryl Ann Murphy to Bradley Underwood and Catherine Jones, 1 lot, Oak Valley, Advance, $970.

– Robert Eward Poole Jr. to Craig Kabatchnick and Ruth Kabatchnick, 1 villa, Oak Valley, Advance, $670.

– John Ray Latham and Darnell D. Latham to Chad E. Fuller and Eleanor B. Fuller, tracts, Mocksville Township, $42.

– Laura Gray Bolin Whittington and Chester Lee Whittington, Amelia Anne Bolin Yates and Malon Emery Yates, Natalie Lynn Bolin-Cook and Lester Keith Cook, Christopher James Bolin and Sarah Elizabeth Cottrell Bolin, David Brandon Bolin and Kayla Tijerina Bolin, Cynthia Lynn Chatham, Michael Wayne Chatham and Lexie Virginia Johnson Chatham, Jean Renee Bolin O’Neal to Jerry Wayne Smith, 206.88 acres, Fulton Township, $1,616.

– Cathy M. Barney and Rommie L. Barney, and Marcia M. Goshorn to Ronald D. Robertson and Mary B. Robertson, .6 acre, Shady Grove Township, $20.

– Jonathan Wayne James and Danyel R. James to Charles A. Osborne, 1.14 acres, Fulton Township, $263.

– Elizabeth Warner to Jason J. Curtiss and Kathrine J. Curtiss, 1 lot, Creekwood Estates, Farmington Township.

– James E. Burton to Deanna Schweitzer, 1.16 acres, Fulton Township.

Mocksville Police

The following are from Mocksville Police Department reports.

– Shelia Banner was charged April 8 with resisting/obstructing an officer.

– Anthony Curlee was charged April 8 with trespassing at Cooper Creek Heights Apartments.

– An assault on Willhaven Drive was reported on April 8.

– A larceny from WalMart was reported on April 10.

– A domestic disturbance was reported April 11 on Valley Road.

– A larceny at Northridge Court was reported April 11.

Sheriff’s Dept.

The following are from Davie County Sheriff’s Office reports.

April 10: disturbing the peace, Junction Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, NC 801 S., Mocksville; suspicious activity, Yadkin Valley Road, Advance; burglary, Davie Academy Road, Mocksville; damage to property, Pine Ridge Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Down Yonder Trail, Mocksville; disturbance, Patti Lane, Mocksville; runaway, Laird Road, Advance; domestic disturbance, NC 801 N., Bermuda Run; disturbance, Bermuda Run Drive, Bermuda Run; domestic disturbance, NC 801 N., Bermuda Run; suspicious activity, Hidden Creek Drive, Advance; suspicious activity, Shady Lane, Advnace; suspicious activity, Oak Valley Blvd., Advance.

April 9: suspicious activity, Bermuda Village Drive, Bermuda Run; suspicious activity, US 601 S., Mocksville; suspicious activity, Vulcan Trail, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Jim Frye Road, Advance; suspicious activity, US 64 W., Mocksville; suspicious activity, I-40 MM180; fraud, Lakewood Drive, Mocksville; disturbance, Harding St., Mocksville; fraud, Boone Lane, Mocksville; suspicious activity, US 601 S., Mocksville; communicating threats, Government Center Drive, Mocksville; trespassing, Madison Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Swicegood St., Mocksville; communicating threats, Riverbend Drive, Bermuda Run; burglary, Wagner Road, Mocksville.

April 8: suspicious activity, Michaels Road, Mocksville; assault, Willhaven Drive, Mocksville; burglary, Wyo Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Bing Crosby Blvd., Bermuda Run; communicating threats, No Creek Road, Mocksville; fraud, Davie Academy Road, Mocksville; burglary, Underpass Road, Advance; disturbance, Bear Creek Church Road, Mocksville; fraud, suspicious activity, US 601 N., Mocksville; communicating threats, Turrentine Church Road, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Swicegood St., Mocksville; communicating threats, Salisbury Road, Mocksville.

April 7: suspicious activity, Bethlehem Drive, Advance; disturbance, LaQuinta Drive, Advance; domestic disturbance, Redwood Drive, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Swicegood St., Mocksville; larceny, US 601 S., Mocksville; domestic assist, County Home Road, Mocksville; disturbance, Gladstone Road, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, McCullough Road, Mocksville; fraud, US 64 E., Mocksville; suspicious activity, Holy Cross Church Road, Mocksville; trespassing, US 601 S., Mocksville; burglary, Fletcher St., Mocksville; disturbing the peace, W. Kinderton Way, Bermuda Run.

April 6: domestic disturbance, Midway Drive, Statesville; larceny, N. Niblick Court, Advance; illegal dumping, Will Boone Road, Mocksville; illegal dumping, Gladstone/Nolley roads, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Four Corners Road, Mocksville; larceny, NC 801 N., Mocksville; burglary, Spillman Road, Mocksville; communicating threats, Jones Road, Mocksville; communicating threats, Lakewood Drive, Mocksville; fraud, Frank Short Road, Mocksville; disturbance, Hinkle Drive, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Baltimore Road, Advance; suspicious activity, US 601 S., Mocksville.

April 5: suspicious activity, Arrow Glenn Court, Advance; disturbance, Fred Lanier Road, Mocksville; larceny, Oakbrook Drive, Advance; domestic disturbance, Eaton Road, Mocksville; domestic assist, Lakewood Drive, Mocksville; suspicious activity, Riverbend Drive, Bermuda Run;  disturbance, Riverside Drive, Cooleemee; trespassing, Sandy Lane, Advance; domestic disturbance, Pine Ridge Road, Mocksville; damage to property, US 601 N., Mocksville; suspicious activity, Farmington Road, Mocksville; fraud, Northbrook Drive, Mocksville; illegal dumping, Godbey Road, Mocksville; burglary, US 64 E., Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Lakewood Drive, Mocksville; disturbance, Michaels Road, Mocksville.

April 4: communicating threats, Pine Ridge Road, Mocksville; suspicious activity, William Ellis Drive, Advance; disturbing the peace, Gordon Drive, Advance; suspicious activity, Swicegood St., Mocksville; disturbance, Hobson Drive Mocksville; suspicious activity, Riverbend Drive, Bermuda Run; domestic assist, Daniel Road, Mocksville; disturbing the peace, Old Towne Drive, Bermuda Run; fraud, Dutchman Trail, Mocksville; domestic disturbance, Granada Drive, Advance; disturbing the peace, NC 801 S., Mocksville; communicating threats, Random Road, Mocksville.


The following were arrested by the Davie County Sheriff’s Office.

April 8: Cody Bradley Anderson, 27, of Edgewood Circle, Mocksville, misdemeanor child abuse.

April 7: Melinda Saarm Chandler, 42, of NC 801 N., Advance,  damage to property, breaking and entering; Patrick Christopher Jenkins, 27, of Lakeview Drive, Mocksville, non-support of child.

April 6: Sara Ann Holdren, 32, of Salisbury, assault; James Lee Leonard, 31, of Granada Drive, Advance, failure to appear in court.

April 5: Brandi Nicole Brooks, 34, of Elisha Creek Drive, Mocksville, failure to appear in court; Richard Lee Dale Jr., 33, of Randleman, failure to appear in court; William Nathaniel Deaton, 19, of Hobson Drive, Mocksville, communicating threats; Marcus Antonio Gadson, 31, of Cable Lane, Mocksville, assault on a female; Freeman White, 49, of Oakdale Circle, Mocksville, non-support of child, possession of drug paraphernalia, maintaining a vehicle or dwelling for controlled substances, possession of methamphetamine.