Letter to the Editor: Court helps further communism

Published 11:52 am Sunday, April 11, 2021

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To the editor:

Communism is here and was helped along by the Supreme Court. Judge Roberts was overheard screaming at the other judges to vote not to hear the first voter fraud lawsuit. He was worried abour riots. It’s a sad day for this country when any judge favors criminals for fear of retaliation. The Supreme Court that day threw 75 million plus voters under the bus. There is no way Biden could beat Trump in a legitimate election.

The cheaters are now whining about Georgia demanding ID for voting. They call it voter suppression when they know it’s fraud suppression – and know it’s the only way they can win. Listed are some of the situations where a person must have an ID and there are no complaints: get food stamps, get welfare, file for unemployment, apply for a mortgage, rent a car, board an airplane, buy nail polish at CVS, buy some cold medicines, hold a rally, get a prescription, visit a casino, get married, buy a fun, adopt a pet, rent a motel room, get a hunting license, get a fishing license, buy a cell phone, donate blood, buy an M-rated video game, buy alcohol, buy cigarettes and open a bank account.

Biden has said he believes in truth, not facts. He knows he can’t change the facts but he can lie about the truth.

Delmar McDaniel