Letter to the Editor: None of executive orders helping country

Published 3:22 pm Friday, March 26, 2021

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To the editor:

Donald W. Witte, in less than four weeks, your illegal Joe has made 48 executive order, not one was to help our country. They were to help illegal, our enemy, take job because our enemy own your illegal Joe, his family, lots of your party. I am 72 years old and in all my voting I never voted for a person that is a domestic terrorist, that’s called reason. I took an oath to depend our country out and inside our country, we have a lot of domestic terrorist in democrats party, and some sorry republicans.

Tell me how many of Joe illegals your are taking home. I bet the answer is 0. Do you know that you and many Americans is Joe enemy? He’s going to make Americans to pay for everything he going to give his illegal, he not going to help any Americans. What about when Joe illegal come to your house to rape, murder, burn, steal, a drunk driver kill your family? I bet you thought that was going to be for republicans. Ha Ha. What about all prisoner coming to your house and do the same thing? I bet is for Republicans. Ha Ha. You need to take your head out of your you know what, look at what you are trying to sell Republicans because it going to be you too.

I hope your gas prices is making you happy. He’s just being Ha Ha. What would you say if your job were gone with a stroke of a pin all Democrats need to open your eyes and see what your illegal Joe is doing to all of us.

I would like to tell you if you voted for democrats you help a woman have a baby put it on a table you call it kill it. That is first degree murder in christen eyes and God eyes you are aiding betting to first degree murder. I forgot about you being a devil lover so this don’t matter to you all.

You need to know about we vets and our brother in arms a lot of them gave all, so you and lots of bad democrats can be free and tell lies on good Americans.

I may be from Mars, that’s better than having my head so far up my you know what. Its time for you to take your head out so you can see things illegal Joe and most of our party is doing to our country, if you don’t see it you either blind or totally naive.

You like to talk about 1,500 words we would hot haved to used so many words if you would keep your head out of your you know what.

You all hypocrites. Yes, I love God and yes, I am a christian. I am glad that I am not a devil person so when he take you all to hell I will not have to put up with any of you any more, think God. About you hypocrite democrats you like to say republicans are the one that or killing good peple, cops, burning, stealing, all need is to look in a mirror you looking at the one that done this.

The answer to Capital riot is yes, because two days or longer be for Jan. 6 all democrats house and senate and the bigest racist, white supremus, dangerous, crazy Pelosi knew it was Cato’s, China communist party, black like matter, black supremus, dangerous, crazy, racist, rioting democrats, yes they got some republicans this is the ones did Jan. 6 and you know it but you can’t stop lying.

Joe answer to election, yes because when a state mails out 1.7 million absentee ballots and receives back 2.5 million, there is voter fraud somewhere. When democrats are videotaped expelling republicans from polls and then proceed to count votes that were disqualified, that voter fraud. When republicans voter are listed by the board of election as inactive voters, even though they haved voted in all elections and then not allowed to vote – even provisionally that voter fraud. Two tractor trailers 53-feet long with fraud and outdated, two suitcase that came from under table. They are a lots more coming. You need to take our be ad out so you would know what going on before you start lying.

About the “N” word, I was told by my mom and day no one is bettery than any one else. I would think you would have been told this that on you not anyone else.

Paul Willard Jr.