Cooleemee: Removal of fence reveals stately Zachary House

Published 8:33 am Thursday, March 18, 2021

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By KC Smith

Cooleemee Correspondent

Growing up in Cooleemee was like living in a gated community without the fence surrounding the entire three-mile radius of the town.

Erwin Mills took good care of us. They built us a pool, a movie theater; we had a doctor, dentist, drugstore, barber shop, gasoline station and more. All homes were rented but then they eventually allowed residents to become homeowners.

Many industries created a cluster of homes used a lot of fencing – and one that had been most talked about in our town was the fencing that encompassed the recreation center.

Outsiders who would come to visit the town would often make comments about the fence surrounding the beautiful Zachary House, as it was an eyesore, looked institutional or like a prison.

It was easy to get used to it living here, it had always been there and we had so many other things going on that is wasn’t noticed or even a bother.

Some people like change and others don’t like change at all.

Over the years the town board has had discussions about taking the fence down.  Their decision to do so was unanimous and the Cooleemee Historical Association was consulted.

Once the fence was taken down the first thing I noticed was how stately the Zachary House presented itself. The beautiful structure sits at the top of the hill still presiding over the town.

Town Hall’s office is located on the right side of the building with a separate entrance.    

The annual Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for March 27 starting at 10 a.m.

Hope everyone can some out to celebrate the new spring season.

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