Letter to the Editor: Who is lying? Writers to themselves

Published 8:45 am Monday, March 15, 2021

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To the editor:

After reading the three letters of March 11, “Six Weeks in and questions for folks”, “The Democrats just can’t stop lying”, “Democrats destroying our country”, my first question is: Where have these three writers been for the last four years, on Mars?

This country has just gone through the very worst four years of leaderless, lying, bigotry, discrimination, name-calling and a culture of “I” and “Me”, rather than “Us” or “We”.  It is shameful to even mention the name of the individual responsible for this mindset. And the Evangelical Christians talk a good story: “We’ll overlook the moral issues if we get what we want.”

The three writers used almost 1.500 words to present a very slanted, biopic opinion without once acknowledging where the country has been and how much better it is now.  Was the Capitol riot a lie? Were the elections and the results a lie? To these people they are.

Finally the writer of the “Democrats destroying our country” article stated that if anyone disagrees with his letter to read it again. You have to read no further than the statement involving the “N” word, which was called his cuss word, to fully understand what his beliefs are and that it is not worth reading once.

Donald Witte