Letter to the Editor: Six weeks in and questions for folks

Published 9:50 am Friday, March 5, 2021

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To the editor:

1] NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s aide admitted that the administration purposely withheld accurate Covid-19 death information in the nursing home probe. He is taking enormous heat from state Democrats but not from the press.  Why?

2] NY Gov. Coumo now has had three serious sexual misconduct allegations that accuse him of unwanted touching to inappropriate behavior. Yet none of the national politicians have come out strongly against him like they did against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. They even go so far as to concoct false allegations by a Julie Swetnick and made her attorney and now convicted felon Michael Avenatti into a possible presidential candidate. Coumo was also one of the more vocal during this time but yet he won’t resign now and there is basically “crickets” from the media.

3] New climate Czar John Kerry was caught in Iceland with his corporate jet. Maybe the biggest voice of all, Bill Gates happens to be the biggest private jet user in the U.S.  They use 40x more carbon than commercial flights. But all we hear from them are their alibis.  Why is it always “do as I say but not what I do that matters to the Left?”

4] The Biden administration has begun admitting as many as 25,000 migrants through the Mexican border.  Yet in this time of Covid-19 how many will have been tested and how many more thousands of Covid cases will this cause in the U.S.?  We know that 108 immigrants just released thru the border just tested positive for Covid.

5] Frozen Texas has caught solar and wind energy folks off guard, mainly because their energy devices froze in the ultra-cold and the state was not ready with enough oil and gas to warm them up. Luckily there was enough coal stockpiles to get them jumpstarted.

6] When the Republicans take back the House, will VP Kamala Harris face impeachment for her role in the Black Lives Matter protests? She actually bailed out rioters and one of the protesters went back and broke open somebody’s head?

7] Will the Biden/Harris administration admit that Antifa is for real and destructive in America. When will they publically call for the violence to stop? Antifa rioters just pummeled Portland again last weekend causing tremendous damage. This time “they” say they were protesting the Biden immigration policies. I guess when all the big liberal major cities have everybody move out and lose all their tax base, they will learn to stop the violence and to quit their “defunding” of the police and actually put money into their protection?

8] Why is the Biden administration allowing males from birth to be able to compete directly against women in sports? How is that fair to all women to have males compete against them in sports? That is exactly why we have men’s sports and women’s sports in high school and college and the same in Olympics and professional sports. You play sports exactly how God made you, otherwise women’s sports will be destroyed.

9] Immediately after inauguration, the Biden administration cut off the Keystone pipeline, thus costing thousands of jobs and it has already led to increasing gas and energy prices. While “green energy” is definitely something we need to expand on, just what fuel does Biden think we drive our cars with right now or his Energy Czar Kerry uses to fly in his private jets with: oil products. Getting to be totally energy independent the past few years was a great thing that happened to the U.S. and we had cut our emissions far below many countries that were in the Paris Climate Accord. The U.S. does not need to be in the Accord to be efficient in that respect—China & India are not cooperating and they are members, right.

10] And lastly, why does the Biden Administration let the teachers unions wield so much power and not advocate getting our children back in school? It is amazing the fear that The Left tries to exert on us and has used Covid as their political toy almost. They have used fear for almost a year now and both national TV media and many local print media feed right into it to keep it stirred up. They want to use our hard earned tax money to give out trillions of dollars so the people are beholden to them and don’t want the people going back to work or school.

John Nelms