Register of Deeds adds services

Published 9:07 am Thursday, February 4, 2021

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The Davie County Register of Deeds has added two new services.

A new Property Fraud Alert Notification System is an online service that sends an e-mail to registered users when a name they have registered appears on any document being recorded in the Davie County Register of Deeds Office.

“I want the citizens of Davie County to be informed of what is being recorded in their names,” said Register of Deeds Kelly Funderburk. “Having this free notification system will keep people updated as to the recordings they expect to see and even those they do not.

“For example, if you know your home equity line has recently been paid off and closed, you can expect to see the recording of a Satisfaction soon after. However, if you haven’t borrowed any money against your home and you are notified that a Deed of Trust has been recorded in your name, you will be able to investigate the recording and then address any fraudulent activity quickly.”

Mortgage fraud is on the rise in North Carolina and across the nation, she said.

“While Davie County has not seen an increase in mortgage fraud or fraudulent recordings, I hope this free service will assure Davie County citizens that I am staying on top of statewide issues that could potentially creep into Davie County.”

The notification site further provides recording information for any matches found for a person’s business name. Plus, it provides users a way to be notified of any elderly family members’ recordings by receiving notification of documents filed in those names.

Real estate agents and attorneys’ offices can benefit from this free service by sending notifications to them after a document they may be waiting on has been recorded.

To sign up for these free notifications, visit and click the link found under “Recent Developments and Enhancements in the ROD Office.” Then, after registering, each time a document is recorded that matches the name submitted, an email will be sent alerting the user. The email will display the time and date of the recording, the instrument number, and the book and page number. To view an image of the actual document recorded, the user can then search the online records at

The Register of Deeds Office is required to record all documents that meet statutory requirements. This free Property Fraud Alert Notification System, therefore, does not authorize or grant the Register of Deeds or staff the power to remove, revise, or redact the document if it has been properly recorded. It is simply an avenue to make the public aware that a document has been recorded in a particular name.

The second new service is a free online marriage license application submittal site.

With this free service, couples who intend to marry may visit, where they can complete and submit a marriage license application form to the Register of Deeds Office through the internet. While a couple must still physically come into the office to sign, take a marriage oath, pay the required fees, and obtain the actual license for the ceremony, the time spent in the office will be significantly reduced by having the couple complete the bulk of the required information before arriving. The form is offered in English and Spanish and has detailed instructions about the process for obtaining a marriage license, what documents to bring for proof of identification, required fees, etc.

“Being able to complete and submit a marriage license application form online now is going to save the public a considerable amount of time in our office,” Funderburk said. “Additionally, during Covid-19, just having the ability to complete and submit these required forms from behind the scenes helps reduce contact between individuals resulting in less potential exposure. It’s a win-win providing added safety measures and convenience for staff members and the general public.” Anyone wishing to obtain a marriage license, should visit the Davie County Register of Deeds website ( and click the link found under “Recent Developments and Enhancements in the ROD Office.”

For more information on either of these new services being offered for free by the Davie County Register of Deeds, call (336) 753-6080.