Letter to the Editor: Not surprising Davie one of best at vaccination distribution

Published 9:35 am Thursday, January 28, 2021

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To the editor:

Many thanks to Davie County’s Health Department, our county manager, David Bone, and the volunteer work of Special Event Services for the outstanding work they did with the drive through vaccinations last Friday.

And not only to them but Sheriff Hartman, the deputies and the many volunteers who assisted them. The efficiency, speed and kindness with which you dispatched so many of us quickly, safely, and graciously was admirable and so typical of Davie County.

My wife and I were honored to have been a part of it. Although we expected a terrible ordeal and therefore arrived early, with coffee and biscuits and a good book or two, we barely finished our breakfast in the car and neither of our books before we found ourselves back on 601 heading out, vaccinations received and behind us.

Thank you nurses, deputies, and volunteers for your time, kindness, and the manner in which you did your jobs. Hats off to DC for a job well done and one of which we, and I hope many others, were proud to have been a part of.

After seeing you all in action, we’re not surprised to hear we have been leading the great state of North Carolina with the highest vaccination rate. Let’s keep it up.

Bill & Marcia Phillips,     Mocksville