Need help navigating pandemic with your business? Try BOOST

Published 10:19 am Thursday, January 21, 2021

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ADVANCE – The Davidson-Davie Community College Small Business Center completed its Pandemic Recovery Counseling project in December of 2020.

This initiative was an effort to help business owners navigate the difficulties of the COVID-19 realities.  The Small Business Center and its partners seek to continue providing the guidance with BOOST, a 16-week certificate program that includes education, mentoring and a pitch competition.

BOOST is intended for existing businesses.

“Succeeding in this uncertain economy takes a lot of time and effort,” said Martha Larson, center director. “The advantage of a project like BOOST is that business owners will have the opportunity to get the advice and input from many experts.

“Taking advantage of the professional know-how is very important to business owners. Many businesses need a team to help them with the many facets of business operations. Now, businesses may not have the cash flow to pay for an accountant or lawyer,” Larson said.

BOOST is a commitment.

Participants will be given the opportunity to learn lessons from finance, small business owners, marketing experts. BOOST will focus on tangible strategies and customize mentor hours based upon the participant’s needs. The new program is designed to help existing business owners assess their needs and to help achieve goals that may allow their businesses to increase profitability in 2021.

Melissa Darr of Generational Transitions took advantage of business counseling and mentoring. She faced challenges early on as she planned for her business and started during the pandemic.

“I had to revise my business model and get my business out quickly,” she said.  “The mentoring provided by the Small Business Center mentors not only guided me through the basics of startup, but gave me complimentary access to professionals who offered counseling regarding graphic design, website and marketing.”

BOOST requires an application that is due by Jan. 22. Applications may be accepted after Jan. 22 but space is limited. This free program is virtual and open to businesses in Davidson and Davie counties.

Inquiries may be made by contacting Larson at or (336) 926-3654.  Small Business Center services may be found at