Timogi Jackson new advocacy center director

Published 10:15 am Thursday, December 17, 2020

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As many Davie residents struggle to make ends meet during the pandemic, a local nonprofit organization is working to keep a roof over each person’s head.

The Advocacy Center of Davie County provides one-time, temporary assistance to local residents facing uncertain housing situations. The organization’s goal is to keep all Davie residents in a stable home by preventing any threats to security – including mortgage failure, water or power cutoffs, or eviction notices.

As more people find themselves in those situations due to the pandemic, director Timogi Jackson says the center’s mission has never been more critical.

“ACDC is doing something good for our community, but we need to be prepared to do even more for Davie residents affected by this pandemic,” Jackson said.

Jackson – an author, ordained minister and mother of two – brings more than two decades of corporate leadership experience to her position as the advocacy center’s new director. She hopes to use those skills, as well as her ties to the community as a certified life coach with Sage Garden Care Center, to increase the advocacy center’s visibility and expand its outreach.

One of her first goals is to increase grant funding. The organization receives the majority of its financial support from local churches, businesses and residents – including at least one former client. But Jackson believes grants will help significantly as local citizens’ needs continue to increase.

“When the moratoriums are lifted on evictions and utilities, there are going to be needs beyond our current capacity,” she said.

The advocacy center has been helping to prevent hopelessness for more than 13 years. In addition to providing a financial safety net for crisis situations, the organization also connects people with need-based community services and offers educational resources that foster self-sufficiency.

Those receiving help include single moms, professionals, veterans and young families struggling to live marginally on minimum wage jobs. The organization also assists seniors who own their homes but are at risk of becoming homeless due to a deteriorating structural situation in the house.

While countless residents have benefited from the Advocacy Center’s services through the years, the pandemic has made client connection more difficult. Jackson plans to streamline the application process to make it more efficient and contact less. Residents with internet access will be able to submit applications online, and those without internet can securely pick up and drop off documentation at the center on Main Street next to First Presbyterian Church.

“This will allow us to reduce the time from initial contact to eligibility determination,” she said. “Time is a critical component to someone in need.”

Jackson says she hopes the updated application process will help her serve more clients and empower more people with the skills needed to lift themselves out of their crisis situations.

“The opportunity to serve people was the number one draw to the position,” Jackson said. “I am a servant leader at my core.”

For more information about donating to or receiving assistance, visit advocacycenterdaviecounty.com.