Chair brings back memories

Published 9:37 am Thursday, December 3, 2020

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One of former County Manger John Eller’s last duties was buying a chair.

But it wasn’t just any chair. It was special. And it only cost him $1.

Eller then gave the chair to retiring Register of Deeds Brent Shoaf.

It seems that some 20 years ago, when Shoaf first went into the office, his then little girl Katie would visit. Her favorite thing was to spin herself around in her daddy’s chair.

“It’s only fitting that Katie is here with us tonight, and his family as well,” Eller said as he received unanimous permission from county commissioners to buy the chair.

“He said this is the only thing I want, my office chair … because I remember Katie spinning around in that chair … and it really struck with me because of my situation,” Eller said. “I know how much I love my kids.”

Per county policy, equipment must be sold.

“Tonight, I am purchasing this chair per county policy for a dollar, so that when you retire, you can take your chair with you.

“We thank you for your service and what you’ve meant to this county. Brent, now that is your chair officially.”

Shoaf’s words to the county manager. “Nobody is going to want this chair, anyway.”

“You’ve been a good friend to me, and a great register of deeds and a great asset to this county,” Eller said.

The whole night was supposed to be a surprise, but Shoaf caught wind that something might be up. He had been told that Eller wanted all department heads at his last meeting, so after work, he went to the YMCA to work out and then came back to his office to change clothes.

His chair was missing.

It wasn’t the first time that fellow county employee had tricked him. Years ago, she tricked him into cooking for his own birthday party.

“If you need to pull something on somebody, here she is,” Shoaf said.

Kelly Cozart Funderburk will be sworn in as the new register of deeds this month.