Letter to the Editor: Ticket for dirty license plate not necessary

Published 10:05 am Thursday, November 12, 2020

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To the editor:

Most days you can find Jerry Hendrix at Miller’s, in his sunroom on Wilkesboro Street or at the sawmill. My Uncle Jerry is 81 years old and still works every day, and his truck shows it.

It’s a working man’s truck, bent up, dings, scratches and dirt. Apparently, a lot of expensive dirt.

Officer Beck of the Mocksville Police Department pulled over my Uncle Jerry after passing him on US 601. Officer Beck approached the truck and told Jerry that his license plate was dirty. When my uncle tried to exit the truck to see just how dirty the plate was, he was instructed to remain in the truck. He’s 81. My Uncle Jerry commented that he didn’t know it was illegal to have a dirty plate and Officer Beck handed him a ticket for $213. Really?

Officer Beck could have handled the situation better. He could have told my Uncle Jerry to clean it or, better yet, wipe it off for him. Respect for elders, common sense and courtesy need to be used by the Mocksville Police Department.

Officer Beck must not be from here. Otherwise, he would apologize and wash Uncle Jerry’s truck.

Jennifer Slogick,     Mocksville