Professional politicians don’t like Trump

Published 10:35 am Thursday, October 29, 2020

To the editor:

Since Donald Trump was elected in 2016, we now know what it looks like to have a non politician elected President and the professional politicians do not like it. Their political freedoms are being threatened and they are fighting back with a vengeance, using trusted organizations to discredit the infiltrator that threatens their corrupt clique. We have seen them try their worst, slander, destruction of exculpatory evidence, fabrication of evidence, selective leaking of false evidence, lying under oath, rioting, political edicts and general corruption. Willing to undermine and burn down everything, just to rule over the ashen heap that was formally known as America.

Where is our local Democrat Nazi expert’s condemnation when Democrats throw bricks at participants of a “Jews for Trump” rally?

Where is our local Democrat tyranny expert’s condemnation of the FBI when an investigation of a Republican presidential nominee was based on fabricated evidence paid for by the Democrat party? Then falsified documents are used to extend the investigation beyond the election and inauguration. It culminated in December 2019 when President Trump is impeached based on their tyrannical acts.

While ironically, at the same time December 2019, the FBI sits on Hunter Biden’s abandoned computer detailing the Biden family’s involvement in extortion, money laundering and pay to play. We have seen this before with the Clintons and Obamas and let’s be clear it is not hypocritical of the Democrats, this is just another day that ends in Y.  And all the Democrat lemmings can do is vomit lies, accuse, read from scripts and repeat long refuted clams in this forum.

This corruption needs to stop and though Republicans might not have the answers to all your problems, they are rarely the source of the problem.  Please consider voting a straight down the ballot Republican ticket.

Kurt Musselman,     Mocksville