Moore new girls LAX coach at Davie High

Published 9:45 am Thursday, October 29, 2020

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Davie has a new girls lacrosse coach. Lydia Moore has replaced Laura Kiricoples, who resigned following the abbreviated 2020 season last spring after serving as the first coach in program history.

“I don’t really know the past two coaches (Kiricoples and Marjorie Foster), but I feel like we all owe these two women a huge debt of gratitude for the last five years of starting a new program,” Moore said. “And I’d love to see it continue to grow.”

Moore, who grew up in Winston-Salem, is in her third year as the front office manager at Shady Grove Elementary School.

She has three children. Her oldest is a student at the Davie Early College. She has seventh-grade twin daughters who play lacrosse. That’s how Moore was introduced to the sport.

“They’ve been playing for five years,” she said. “I got involved with lacrosse through my children. I also served as a member of the Davie County Lacrosse Recreation board.

“It’s such a fun sport. I love watching it. I wish I could go back and play it. As a family, we’ve loved all of our lacrosse experience through my children.”

How did Davie Athletic Director Mike Absher find Moore?

“I think I was alerted (about the coaching vacancy) because of my involvement with the rec,” she said. “I coached in the girls rec league. I helped out the year before and coached this past season. So I said: ‘Well, let me know. I’m learning the sport. I’m getting to know it. I’m doing it on the rec level.’ I guess word got back (to Absher) and I got a call from coach Absher.”

Moore’s assistant will be Ashley Spencer, a third-grade teacher at Shady Grove who played lacrosse at West Forsyth. Moore feels extremely fortunate to have her on board.

“I’m excited about her, especially since she has actually played the sport,” Moore said. “At West Forsyth, she was actually on the first girls lacrosse team in the area. So I look at her as one of the pioneers of bringing girls lacrosse to the area. I am so happy and relieved to have someone with me who has played the game. I think that’s a huge bonus.”

When Moore began looking for an assistant, she had no idea that the coach she desperately needed was in the same building.

“I was asking around and somebody said: ‘Hey, you might ought to check with Ashley,’” Moore said. “I hit her up in the copy room one day at school. She was a little shocked. I said: ‘I heard you have lacrosse playing experience.’ Thankfully, she was excited about the idea.”

Moore has held two “interest meetings” at Davie. Offseason workouts will begin Nov. 10. The first official practice is set for Jan. 11. The season will open Jan. 25, with the 14-game regular season ending March 12.

“It’s going to be colder than what we’re used to, but that’s OK,” she said. “In this kind of crazy year, I’m just excited we’re going to have a season.”

Absher said: “I’m really excited to have Lydia on board to take over our women’s lax program. She is bringing a lot of enthusiasm and energy to the team. She is great. We’re very fortunate she is a part of the school system as well. We are also very appreciative of coach Kiricoples and what she did for our program.”