Letter to the editor: LeGrand will help protect the environment

Published 10:34 am Thursday, October 29, 2020

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To the editor:

The clock is ticking for the voting deadline of Nov. 3. The clock is also ticking on the degradation of our environment: more frequent hurricanes and downpours, air pollution, water pollution, and climate change are of deep concern here in North Carolina. That’s why I support Terri LeGrand for the North Carolina Senate.

If you’ve ever attended the Piedmont Earth Day Fair which started back in 2005, you have Terri LeGrand to thank for that. She is co-founder of the fair as well as the Piedmont Environmental Alliance. Terri has been an activist for clean air and water and our health long before she decided to run for State Senate.

If we send her to Raleigh, she will stand up to corporate polluters such as Duke Energy. She will invest in clean and renewable energy and reinstate the Renewable Energy Tax Credit. She will protect our state’s beautiful coastline and stand against offshore drilling. She will fight for our access to clean and safe drinking water, and she will listen to scientists.

Incumbent Joyce Krawiec is clearly not an environmentalist; she voted for taxpayers – us – to pay for Duke Energy’s $8 billion toxic coal ash clean up. She also has the worst voting record according to the NC League of Conservation Voters.

Sadly Krawiec, in the last few weeks, has desperately turned to bold-face lies in her messaging about Terri LeGrand; don’t be fooled by these lies. Moreover, lying is a reprehensible leadership quality; we’ve seen where lying has gotten us at the national level; we cannot tolerate that in our state.

If you love our beautiful state and want to put a leader in the State House who will protect it, with our best interests in mind, there is only one choice: Terri LeGrand. Visit terrilegrand.org for more information.

Judy Isaksen