Letter to the editor: Vote for Democratic candidates

Published 11:39 am Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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To the editor:

By this time in the 2020 Election Cycle, most people have made up their minds about the presidential race. The incumbent has campaigned for four years, dominating the media, has stacked the courts, held rallies, nonstop, been impeached, been the center of scandals, has mocked people with disabilities, has called military people losers and suckers, has separated families, has been enabled by weak republicans, has a very limited vocabulary, but uses profanity regularly, and talks incessantly, but says nothing, has shown failure as a leader during the pandemic, resulting in over 220,000 deaths, has fired anyone in his cabinet who refuses to further his agenda, mocks Christians, has never answered a question in a sensible coherent way, has never developed any policies, has never had to account for his many lies, or his failures, is laughing stock of the world, has caused disunity and animosity in this country, by supporting white nationalist groups, and disparaging other races or ethnic groups.

The list goes on and on, but I’ll just end by saying enough is enough. It’s time for Biden/Harris, Cal Cunningham, Scott Huffman Terri LeGrand, Keith Townsend, Beth Wood, Elaine Marshall, and Wayne Goodwin to be elected to serve the citizens of this great country, state, district and county.

Mazie Laurence