Letter to the editor: Republican candidates cherish freedom, liberty

Published 11:38 am Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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To the editor:

In readking the letters promoting their favored candidates, one can only ascertain the opposing sides are as far apart as the East is from the West. One letter claims Gov. Cooper walks on water while his opponent is working for the local undertaker. Billions of federal dollars are lying around, like mamma from Heaven, just waiting on someone to scoop them up. What are federal dollars and whre do they come from? Cooper claims to be following the science and data. He never explains what science or how such data is derived. His real aim is to keep the citizenry in fear and the economy teetering and totttering, hoping to throw the election to Biden.

Scripture tells us death comes to all. We should never allow cowardly power-hungry politicians to force us to live our short time on Earth in fear and anguish over what tomorrow might bring. Even if we make it past our allotted three-score and ten, life on Earth is ephemeral. Enjoy today and try to make tomorrow better for ourselves and posterity.

Today’s Democratic Party has been co-opted and corrupted by socialists/marxists, anti-capitalists, anti-freedom enemies of America and Western Civilization. When God inspired Christopher Columbus to sail three tiny shps into a world unknown, even the greatest minds could never envision a nation that dwarfed all previous nations. This nation was not to make kings and emperors more powerful, this new country was born of liberty, freedom, and right of every citizen to be anything his talents and desires allowed.

Sen. Krawiec understands that man is the owner of himself, government is the servant of him, not a babysitter or director of his life.

President Trump has been a true servant of the people, despite being pummeled on a daily basis. No President has endured sucn insanity since Lincoln. the stupidity and follishness of the crazed mob in Washington totally eclipsed any concern for the nation’s welfare. Yet he kept every promise, a tax bill that helped millions of Americans, conservative judges in the federal courts, a sane policy of ending the endless bloodshed in the Middle East, something the frauds and chest-beaters claimes was impossible. Biden has been a Washington blood sucker for half a century, can any intellectual argument be made for his being President? A vote for Democrats means higher and higher taxes, energy prices through the roof, a continued destruction of private property and national treasures, unsafe streets. Do you really want a political entity that portrays first responders, police, firefifghters, EMS workers, and judges as enemies of the people? Voters should reject the enemies of liberty. Tell the Democrats to take a hike. Vote for Republican candidates who cherish freedom and that land of liberty the Univeted States of America.

William Plowman,     Mocksville