Letter to the editor: Most North Carolinians want Medicaid Expansion

Published 11:35 am Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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To the editor:

Current representatives in Raleigh have steadfastly refused to listen to the people of North Carolina on health care.  In fact, Senate Majority leader Phil Berger was quoted as saying, “My Republican colleagues have not raised Medicaid expansion to me.”

A statewide poll released in September found about three in four North Carolinians support closing the healthcare gap.  Half of the survey participants came from Republican Senate districts including that of District 31 represented by Sen. Joyce Krawiec.

My question is if the majority of North Carolinians want Medicaid Expansion why aren’t our representatives taking this to the speaker?  Who are these politicians working for if not for the people of North Carolina?  Have they been influenced by the corporate money they have taken for their campaigns?

It is time to vote for representatives who listen to the people. Representatives with the stubborn determination to find solutions for our state, not politicians who stubbornly maintain the status quo.

Vote Terri LeGrand for NC Senate District 31.  It is time for representatives who listen and act on behalf of the hardworking people of North Carolina.

Martha C. Apple

Bermuda Run