Letter to the editor: LeGrand believes in safe neighborhoods

Published 11:33 am Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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To the editor:

Campaigns are never easy to suffer through. Negative innuendo abounds. Let’s take an easy one: defunding the police. In the state senate race for District 31 Joyce Krawiec supporters authorized a mailer that insinuates her opponent, Terri LeGrand, supports defunding the police. Their only motivation for this mailer can be to scare and unsettle voters because this is not what Terri LeGrand supports.

Terri supports improving our systems of public safety; she states “policing is a critical service and key component of public safety.” “We need to assist the police so that they can effectively do their jobs.” This is what Terri believes. Terri also believes that safe neighborhoods are a result of healthy neighborhoods so she supports affordable and accessible healthcare including the expansion of Medicaid.  She believes mental health services should be a part of that initiative. She understands the correlation between literacy and incarceration so she supports a strong public education system.

Checking out a candidate’s website is a way to learn about a candidate and verify the facts. Throw the negative ads away and dig a bit deeper to learn the truth. Take a minute to look at www.TerriLeGrand.org. You will learn the truth about a candidate with strong beliefs for a strong North Carolina. Vote Terri LeGrand, NC Senate District 31.

We all deserve to feel safe in our own neighborhood.

Chelsea Wiggins,     Bermuda Run