Letter to the editor: Be an educated school board voter

Published 11:41 am Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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To the editor:

Please take the time to educate yourself on local candidates.

Party affiliations may have a place on state and federal level but not on local. You can and should take the time to ask before you vote.

I have been blessed to serve on the Board of Education for eight years. We do not always agree, and we are definitely not perfect, but we are a team that works together to find the best possible solution and support the staff. We have four spots opening for school board this election cycle. Wendy Horne, Paul Drechsler and Dub Potts are part of that team and have agreed to run again. There is one more spot available and Cammie Webb is the only option to consider. She will bring tremendous experience and passion to the board and she loves this community. She is unaffiliated so that forces you to be an informed voter that votes for the best candidate not just for the party.

This is the way it should be.  Personally, I am a registered Republican. So are the other three candidates. We all support Cammie to join our team. Please help in any way you can to spread the word. Educate yourself.

Clint Junker