Cana/Pino: Surprises abound when cleaning recliner-side table

Published 8:57 am Thursday, October 15, 2020

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By  Betty Etchison West

Cana/Pino Correspondent

My husband and I were in a stay-at-home-mode long before such a request was issued by the government officials. We were staying at home because of the infirmities of old age just made it hard to do otherwise. I still drive, etc., but I do not want to leave my husband alone so someone is always with him—that someone is me a good bit of the time.

What should I do during the stay-at-home hours?

Yesterday, I decided that I should clean out a drum-shaped table which has been right by my recliner for longer than I can remember.  Every now and then I decide that I should clean out a closet or some such space that contains more stuff than the law allows.

Yesterday, I attacked the drum-shaped table full force. First, I took everything out. Who put all of that stuff in there? I am sure I could not have done that.

Out came two old cameras, a roll of film, a camera case, three picture albums, a beautiful amber-colored ash tray, 2 bottles of margaritas already mixed that someone gave me, 4 mini-bottles of Wild Turkey, a pair of binoculars, a book about friendship, three bags of medicine, an exercise band, an ace bandage used for strained legs, etc. and I’m not sure what else but you get the drift—a mess.

Once I had it all out, I had to decide what to do with all that stuff (treasures). My daughter, Susan Cujas, came along at just the right time so I told her to take the cameras and the camera case and decide what to do with them. She is an occupational therapist so she also took the exercise band and the ace bandage.  She lamented—what I to do with this stuff?  She took it anyway, along with an old picture album. At least I got rid of a bunch of stuff which she can now put in her drum-table.

One of the picture albums was of my granddaughter’s wedding at Frostland—absolutely beautiful pictures.  A couple of the pictures included the groom’s grandmother who recently passed away—those pictures are real treasures so I am going to give them to my great-grandson who will appreciate the pictures of his Granny.

Along with that album, I am giving that great-grandson, who is a Cub Scout, a bandana that belonged to my son when he was a Cub Scout some 50 or so years ago. Oh, the binoculars – I am giving them to my 13-year-old grandson, Susan’s son, Oliver Cujas, who is so interested in science and the world around him.

What’s left?

Three bags of medicine—one for me, one for my husband, and one with medicine that we don’t use anymore but just might need one day.  The fact that we have not needed any of that medicine in a long time is not important.  Keep it—someone might get dizzy and need the medicine that takes care of dizziness, etc..   Back into the table goes the three bags of medicine.

The margaritas and the Wild Turkey, that I didn’t know existed, also went back in case they are ever needed for a celebration or if the coronavirus or the election news makes life unbearable.

Now the real treasure that I found among all of that stuff was the little book, titled, “The Treasure of Friendship.”  I opened it and found these words—“Your kindness, helpfulness, and thoughtfulness have helped to make many of my working years a pleasure.  Thank you, Sue Harpe, 6-12-75.”  Let me tell you that those words of a dear departed friend lifted my spirits right up. That book is not going back in the storage space but is going to find a special place right by my chair so I can continue to enjoy the treasure of friendship, including the memories of dear departed friends. By the way, the amber ash tray also went back in the storage space—maybe 50 or so years from now someone will find it and say, “What was this used for?”

In addition to cleaning a bit, doing some reading, etc., I and the other Wesley Chapel Women are having their annual nut sale including pecan halves, pecan pieces, cashews, mixed nuts, and a few chocolate–covered peanuts. Get in touch with Kathy Ellis, Marlene Trivette, Nancy Collette, Katie Collette, Nancey Collette, Lisa West or me to get the nuts that you will need for your holiday baking.  The nuts are $12 for a one pound bag with the exception of the peanuts which are on sale.