Ambassadors of Respect: Young people’s projects can earn $1,000

Published 9:37 am Thursday, October 15, 2020

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In the midst of COVID fatigue, there is a bright light shining in Davie County.   

The Davie Respect Initiative returns with new, more inclusive features.

Many are familiar with the Davie Respect Initiative (DRI) from the first two years.  It is a challenge for 12-21 year olds living in Davie County and for youth groups based in Davie.   It is all about increasing the amount of expressed respect in the community.   

Young folks who are planning or engaged in a project that brings more respect into Davie are encouraged to apply and try for one of the $1,000 Ambassador of Respect awards. Visit to learn more and apply.

In adjusting to changes necessitated by COVID, the DRI is a year-round, on-going challenge with new Ambassadors chosen every quarter.  As before, each Ambassador of Respect will receive a $1,000 award.

What else is new?   

Anyone can now nominate a potential Ambassador of Respect.  Look for young people you know in Davie County, individuals or groups, who are initiating or are part of activities that bring out respect and good for the county and in others.  Nominate your candidate so they can apply. You will find nomination and application forms on the Davie Respect Initiative Website.

Once nominated, the potential Ambassador will be contacted by the DRI and offered the opportunity to complete an application. As Paul Moore, director of the Recreation and Parks Department, said: “Nominating someone for DRI helps us all to look for the good.”

Here are a few examples of potential Ambassadors:

• A church youth group providing food for the homeless and food insecure in DC.

• A young lady organizing a run/walk to raise money for Down Syndrome care and research.

• Youth volunteers joining Hunger Fighters after schools are closed due to Covid-19.

• Young people mowing lawns and doing yard work for elderly or disabled seniors.

And there are so many more out there.

Moore and his Special Event Coordinator, Whitney Fitzsimons, went on to offer the following thoughts:

“Since our inception in 2016 the DCRP Team has made it our mission to serve residents and visitors to Davie County in order to enhance their overall quality of life. Partners like the Davie Respect Initiative help us further that mission by creating an avenue in which we can develop a more personal relationship with the youth we serve.

“Understanding their needs, their drive to make Davie County a more inclusive and respectful community, and what drives them allows us to create means in which we can assist and provide unique opportunities that allow them to further their goals.

“The secret is creating a network of interconnectivity. By building partnerships that create a respectful, open, and welcoming environment for our youth we are establishing a place where, as they grow, our youth are not just involved, but invested. We want our youth today to be our servant leaders tomorrow.”

Each quarter, a selection panel, consisting of past DRI Ambassadors and volunteers from the county, will review the applications and select up to three new Ambassadors of Respect.  Each of the new Ambassadors will be rewarded with a $1,000 check and other support to help their Respect initiative.

For DC residents who speak Spanish, there is now an En Espanol section on the website.

“We are all looking forward to more outstanding ideas and initiatives from DC youth bringing even more respect and good to our county,” said initiative founders.