Letter to editor: People tired of business as usual

Published 10:53 am Thursday, October 8, 2020

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To the editor:

When all that Joyce Krawiec’s letter writers like JoLynn Tobar can harp about is police defunding, I can start to imagine victory for Terri LeGrand in District 31. I have known Terri for 14 years, have worked along side of her in a number of not-for-profit organizations, and I have seen her caring for her daughters. She is honest and compassionate, very hard working, and is not beholding to corporate interests. It has become clear to voters that she is addressing their concerns for affordable health care, a quality education for our children, public safety, true bipartisanship, and a stronger working and middle class citizenry.

The lie that Terri wants to defund the police has been fact checked time and time again and does not stand up. Furthermore, most of LeGrand’s campaign money as of the last filing report has come from small in-state donors, not from out of state. Joyce Krawiec’s biggest donors are corporate PACs. Just look at the state board of elections website. Dark money groups are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to protect the special-interest candidate Joyce Krawiec because they know that Terri can’t be bought. Krawiec is out of touch with those who may have supported her in the past.

Most of the voters I see are voluntarily wearing face masks to protect themselves and others around them. They are investing in their communities with new schools, small businesses, plus more and better parks and greenways. They are happily living in diverse neighborhoods like mine.

Many of whom I talk to are tired of politics as usual, at how much we have wasted in Raleigh for so little results, and mailboxes full of trash talk. Frankly, I can’t wait for Terri LeGrand and others like her to take over in Raleigh.

Readers can ask your friends what they really want from their elected officials, then cast your vote for the most honest and independent candidate who has listened and is ready to win the affordable health care battle and more. That is Terri LeGrand.

Gus Preschle