Board of Education Candidates: Wendy Hoots Horne

Published 10:01 am Thursday, October 1, 2020

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The Candidate


Wendy Hoots Horne




Fallingcreek Drive, Advance


Husband, Jason and three sons Mason (19), Nathan (17) and Owen (14)


Graduate of Davie High School, 1992; graduate of N.C. State University, 1996, B.A. in Communications/Public Relations


Owner of Sum5 Communications, Inc. – the publisher of DavieLiFE magazine

In The Community

• Davie Board of Education member since 2012

• Member of Rescue House Church

• Member of Davie Chamber of Commerce

• Member of East Davie Civic Club

Why did you decide to seek public office?

Horne: I am seeking re-election to the Davie County Board of Education because I believe that maintaining a Board that is supportive and effective is more important than ever.  Our current Board brings much to the table, resulting in honest dialogue with one another that allows us to work through issues in a healthy and constructive way.  I remain firm in my belief that members of the Board of Education need to have a strong desire to be problem solvers and not problem creators, and those same individuals need to be dedicated to students and staff. I am seeking office because I want to continue supporting students, teachers, staff and administrators in Davie County, but also be a voice that strives to solve problems.

What do you think are the most significant challenges facing the school system, and how do you intend to address those challenges? 

Horne: The challenges that we are facing right now are many of the same that schools across the nation are facing as a result of COVID.  In March of 2020, when public schools in NC were closed for in person instruction, I don’t believe any of us realized the multiple impacts this would create.  First, I believe that we will be challenged with the educational gaps that this pandemic has created.  Overall, face-to-face instruction cannot be replaced.  The weight and responsibility that teachers carry for our children has revealed itself over the last six months.  Second, I believe that we will be challenged with emotional and mental consequences that the pandemic has created.  Davie County has a wide and varied population and that includes students who deal with lack of food, unsafe conditions at home, emotional/physical/sexual abuse, etc., and I fear that these conditions they have been living in, have been intensified during stay-at-home orders.  Both of these challenges will require our school system to think outside of the box.  I do believe these challenges create a unique opportunity to bring our community more together.  We are fortunate to have a variety of organizations in Davie County who are skilled in addressing many of the issues I reference above and stand ready to assist DCS in responding to the challenges COVID has created.  It will be key that we reach out to one another for help—by working together, I believe we will be able to face these challenges head on.

Another challenge that our Board is facing – how this election will impact our credibility. Four seats are open and making sure that those four seats go to qualified leaders is imperative. The school board helps set the tone for DCS staff, but for Davie County as a whole. In addition, we represent Davie County when doing work outside of the county. I hope that voters will research the candidates who are running for the Davie County Board of Education and cast their votes for individuals who are qualified for the job.  I personally will be casting votes for Dub Potts, Paul Drechsler, Cammie Webb and myself.

What are the next major construction needs for the schools?

Horne: Our school system has followed the blueprint set forth in the Long Range Facilities Plan since March of 2012.  I believe this plan has served us well and allowed us to schedule construction needs, but also renovation needs.  When you look at our current school sites, our middle schools and high schools are meeting capacity levels, and based on future projections, those schools will continue to provide the space that we need. Our elementary schools are currently the only facilities in Davie County that continue to utilize mobile units for space so it would be safe to assume that these would be the next area to address concerning capacity.  However, so much has changed in the last six months and we need to study how different instruction methods have impacted our enrollment.

Until we determine our next major construction needs, I would like to for us to continue doing an excellent job in maintaining our current facilities.  Over the years we have done just this and I firmly believe this is why our facilities have served us well.

Other Issues

Horne: I have been privileged to serve on the Board of Education since 2012.  Since beginning this position of service, I have always been committed to serving as an advocate for students and staff in Davie County Schools. In addition, I’ve always considered this position to be one of service—not power.  I don’t have any fancy platforms to discuss with voters, but I do want to ensure voters that when voting for me, you can be assured you are placing your trust in someone who is honest and real. I can truthfully say that I would not continue to pursue my seat on the Board of Education if I did not feel I could contribute. I am a lifelong resident of Davie County, product of Davie County Schools, small business owner, a wife and mother to three sons (one graduate and two who are students at Davie High). I am vested in this community and believe that our school system is something that makes us stand out above many in the state of NC.  Our school system, along with its students, teachers, staff and administrators, need the support of a strong Board of Education more than ever.  I would be honored to continue my service to Davie County.