Letter to the editor: LeGrand did OK re-allocation of police funding

Published 10:05 am Thursday, September 24, 2020

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To the editor:

I must respond to Gus Preschle’s recent letter to the editor.

Terri LeGrand is denying that she has favored defunding the police. There is evidence to the contrary. In a talk with Terri episode, Hate Out Winston director and Terri discussed that “defund the police” was not popular and the strategy and message needed to be “reallocate funds” to other social programs. In an interview with the Kernersville News, Terri said she did not want to defund police. When pressed, she admitted to supporting “reallocating funds” from the police budget. I’d like to know how that is not “defunding?” By any other name it is still the same result.

There is a reason why law enforcement agencies are supporting and endorsing Sen. Joyce Krawiec. She is a strong advocate for law enforcement and keeping our communities safe. She wholeheartedly supports adequate funding for law enforcement and understands the difficult job they have.

I find it interesting that Preschle refers to dark money. That takes nerve when LeGrand has boasted about how much more money she has raised than Krawiec.Mostly from other states. I’ve also received the negative mail and seen the negative ads against Krawiec from “LeGrand’s Dark Money groups.”

Politics are a rough and tumble sport, but facts do still matter.

JoLynn Tobar