Time for leaders with courage, vision, passion

Published 10:32 am Thursday, July 23, 2020

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To the editor:

We moved from Greensboro to eastern Davie seven years ago upon retiring from our consulting practice. We worked coast to coast as consultants to leaders of organizations, governmental and for profit. Richard was also a member of the Greensboro Planning Board for nine years. In our roles, we saw many governmental challenges that helped or hindered the growth and quality of life for citizens.  We also saw what was required for success in those agencies.

Government requires leaders with the following:

• vision for the greater good of the whole community;

• courage and skill to communicate and sell that vision of how to evolve the community for the future; and

• passion for the well-being of all citizens.

In February, we attended a forum in Mocksville introducing area political candidates. They summarized their experiences, qualifications and any vison they had for the future needs/directions of their candidacy: We were struck by what we saw. Davie County has great potential given its location near Winston-Salem and along I-40.  We see a lot of what the county needs to do to recognize and seize the opportunities that exist on several fronts – opportunities now being wasted.

Terri LeGrand’s platform, compared to her competitor, is visionary, courageous, and is based on looking for the greater good for the whole community not just certain individuals here. She sees the big picture of what is needed, and what it will take to accomplish it.  She has the courage, savvy, passion and vision to help us build for the future. Even though she is running as a Democrat, she is thoughtful, not blindly loyal to a party. She is not solely devoted to and simply quoting the party line—like her opponent.  Today, we need leaders who are good role models to our young people in what they do and how they communicate. It is impossible to forget her opponent’s coarse language to denounce other women after the Women’s March in Washington.

Terri has the background, experience, grace and insight to work effectively on behalf of all the residents of Davie County. Please join us in supporting her with your votes.

Richard and Lana Furr