Officer tests positive for COVID

Published 12:48 pm Sunday, July 19, 2020

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A Mocksville police officer tested positive for COVID-19 in late June, Police Chief Pat Reagan said last week.

After initially skirting around the question of whether an officer had tested positive, Reagan issued a news release last week, then later provided more information.

The first statement was released on Wednesday, and said an officer had tested positive on June 25 and went home and followed quarantine procedures. The department went through a deep cleaning.

When questioned, Reagan elaborated.

On June 19, that employee had requested time off because they thought they had food poisoning, Reagan said. “The employee voluntarily reported to work after being granted a later start time to provide for additional rest and was advised, like all employees, that if they began feeling ill or showed symptoms consistent with COVID-19, to notify their supervisor and return home,” Reagan said.

That employee first experienced symptoms of COVID on June 25, the same day a test came back positive, Reagan said. “He made staff aware he was tested and staff advised the employee to follow quarantine procedures provided by the medical care provider. The employee was advised to take leave from work and not be concerned about coverage. The employee remained out of work for the specified quarantine period.”

Reagan said the incident gave the department a chance to look at policies.

“We have discussed changes to our current procedures for approving leave requests related to illness,” he said. “While we will continue to respect the employee’s right to medical confidentiality, we also want to ensure the health and safety of all our employees as well as our community, especially druing this pandemic.”