Police committed to working with community

Published 10:19 am Thursday, June 11, 2020

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The Mocksville Police Deparment condemns the actions of Minneapolis police officers in George Floyd’s death, and last week began dialog to improve race relations.

“We, the men and women of the Mocksville Police Department, do not condone the actions of the officers involved. The video is unfathomable. Just like each of you, we are appalled and profoundly disgusted with the actions or lack thereof of the police officers involved in this situation,” Chief Pat Reagan said.

He met last week with the mayor, town manager and a few civic and church leaders. Reagan said the department is committed to community policing, and giving residents opportunities to interact with the officers.

Mayor Will Marklin said he opposes all forms of racism, and is happy to live in a community where people respect one another and one another’s property.

“The Mocksville Police Department, under the leadership of Pat Reagan, has instituted many new programs to become a part of the thread that binds our community together,” Marklin said, mentioning programs like Coffee with a Cop, Citizens Academy and the SAFE program. “These are all positive ways our officers develop relationships with the community and promote harmony within our small town.”

Reagan said the department is working on a virtual citizen’s academy, a podcast and a community collaborative initiative. He wants as many member of the community as possible to be a part of the effort.

“The future of the Town of Mocksville is lit with the ideas, creativity and enthusiasm of its officers and citizens,” Reagan said.

“It is incomprehensible that a human life was lost in the fashion and manner that we have seen,” Reagan said in a Facebook post. “There is no place in society, let alone in law enforcement, where this incident should have occurred. These officers were expected to protect and serve their communities; instead they failed in the most egregious way possible.”

Mocksville police, he said, work hard to foster good relationships in the community.

“We have and will continue to serve as guardians and peace keepers of the community. There are great officers in the Mocksville Police Department and other law enforcement agencies that come to work on a daily basis. These officers protect and serve their communities with dignity, honor and pride. No matter the circumstance, we promise we will continue to do so in a professional, ethical and moral manner.

“We must not let this divide our community or nation. I realize that in some places, public trust in law enforcement has been compromised. However, we must continue to work togther, build relationshps, foster partnerships and find solutions to prevent these actions from occurring again. I am confident we can do this together in a peaceful and safe manner.”