Humane Society plans summer move

Published 9:01 am Thursday, April 23, 2020

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By Mandy Haggerson

Davie Humane Society

The Humane Society of Davie County (HSDC) is moving to a new location later this summer.

“We weren’t actively seeking to move. A Davie County small business owner offered us an exceptional deal on a rent-to-own property that is in a visible part of Mocksville at 1469 N. Main St.,” said HSDC Executive Director Annie Vernier. “We would have been crazy to turn down this opportunity.”

HSDC occupies a 20 x 20 conference room space at 291 Eaton Road in Mocksville with Davie County Animal Services (DCAS).

In 2017, HSDC and DCAS decided to join to improve the euthanasia rate in Davie County.

“DCAS was responsible for the intake of stray or surrendered animals, including basic vetting. HSDC then served as the adoption arm including marketing the animals, finding foster homes, putting on adoption events, and covering medical costs that went above and beyond basic vetting.

“In 2019, HSDC aided DCAS in $86,684 of additional medical expenses for animals in their care,” Vernier said. “Davie County’s euthanasia rate was as high as 85% in 2009, we knew the animals deserved better. Our overall save rate for 2019 was 93%. Our community came together. It was humbling. It has inspired us to want to do more.”

And more is what HSDC is hoping for the animals of Davie County.

“Our plan to move wasn’t to get away from helping DCAS. We know the amount of effort it takes to market these animals, find foster homes or other rescue organizations when needed, and ensuring animals find forever homes that best fit the family. We have offered DCAS to still have our intake be all DCAS animals so that we could continue the momentum of success in our county.

“We’ve worked so hard to build a foster network and other breed specific rescues that we would hate to see the euthanasia rate go back up when things were working so well. We anticipate by July 1, we will be fully up and running in our new space.”

HSDC will still offer other community services.

“We have offered low cost spay and neuter clinics to all area pet owners. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 they have been closed but we hope they re-open in the near future so we can educate our community about the big picture of rescuing animals by preventing unwanted litters,” said Vernier. “We will be providing more information on how we can be of help as vets’ offices are able to do more surgeries in the future.”

Vernier is looking forward to inviting the community to visit the new home. “Instead of a 20 x 20 conference room space, we will have 5,000 square feet including a cat room where they can actually play and move around much more freely. We will also have a meet and greet room for dogs to meet their potential family in a relaxed and comfortable setting. We’re excited for the opportunity to make it more accessible to the community. We’ve been fortunate to have so many exceptional volunteers that want to offer their time, and we want them to always feel welcome to do so.”

Vernier recommends keeping up with the grand opening through the HSDC Facebook page and website.

“We’ll make sure folks know when we will officially be operating in our new space. Because investing in the animals’ future does take time and money, we would love the support of our community. Kennels, supplies, and structural changes to the current building will cost money, but we believe it’s an investment in the future of HSDC. We hope you will consider donating to this safe haven for animals in our community.”

Want to help? Visit or send a check to HSDC, 1469 N. Main St., Mocksville.