Positive Impact Circles to help juveniles

Published 11:16 am Thursday, March 12, 2020

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An informational session for volunteers for Positive Impact Circles will be held from 6-7 p.m. on Wednesday, March 18 at the Davie County Public Library.

Nicki Leazer, coordinator, will lead the circles for Piedmont Mediation, which was awarded a grant from the Davie Juvenile Crime Prevention Council.

“It is a collaborative effort that includes everyone involved to address issues surrounding incidents of crime/negative behavior by youth,” she said. “Our volunteers are residents of Davie County who want to make this community safer by devoting their time to work with youth, families and victims.”

The circles will include those harmed by crime or negative behavior, those who committed an offense, and representatives from the community to determine the most effective response.

Volunteers can be adults, high schoolers or college students.

“The experience can be used for community service for graduation or a club you may be involved in,” she said. “You can list your involvement with Positive Impact Circles on college applicatons, resumes and job applications, and you will gain public speaking skills, organization and community skills.”

Adult volunteers help with the process of dealing with offenders, and the peer volunteers provide insight as to why their peers get into trouble.

She said that recent research has shown that juveniles who participate in restorative justice practices such as the circles commit fewer and less serious offenses than their counterparts in the traditional juvenile justice system. One said: “Of all the people involved, I was the luckiest, because I learned how my actions had impacted the lives of others. This was a life-changing experience.”

Contact Leazer at 980-434-4619 or mediationwithnicki@gmail.com.