Teen, mother spreading autism awareness

Published 9:39 am Thursday, February 6, 2020

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It’s the southern version.

A cute girl with an apron, thinking about her own sweet concoction, winking.

It’s a drawing by Amilea Redmon, a Davie teen who  loves frozen yogurt at Sweet Frog in Mocksville. Diagnosed with high functioning autism, she was delighted when the store off Cooper Creek Drive in Mocksville agreed to post her drawing.

“Amilea loves Sweet Frog, so we visit there frequently to get her favorite yogurt,” said her mother, Stephanie Redmon. “She decided to draw a picture of her version which she calls “Sweet Gal” with yogurt she calls the southern version.”

Drawing is one of Amilea’s favorite things to do, and her family encourages it whenever they can.

Her mother says life is not easy for those with autism. Amilea can have meltdowns, social issues and communicating, especially in large crowds.

“My goal is to and always will be to help and encourage her no matter what,” Stephanie said. “I want her to feel like she can do anything that anyone else can do and if not, at least try.”

Amilea has been drawing since she was a small child.  The mother-daughter  duo has a book, “Understanding Me, I’m Loved with High Functioning Autisum. (available on Amazon)” They’re working on a book that would feature Amilea’s drawings.

Stephanie said that Maggie Goad was receptive when they took the drawing to Sweet Frog.

“We never know who God will put in our place, so my take is always be kind and no matter what issue one may have, you can find a way to inspire and motivate others,” she said. “I pray every day that Amilea will inspire others with all she does and we will continue to spread autism awareness.”

Stephanie with GMABs Productions is working on a short play which she hopes to take to churches, schools and events to spread autism awareness and to help stop bullying. She hopes to start this in April.

“It’s all about love, and God wants us to love one another so Amilea’s drawings is her way of showing love,” Stephanie said.