Locals getting fired up about Ignite Davie

Published 9:24 am Thursday, December 12, 2019

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Ignite Davie has sparked interest and enthusiasm as more residents learn about the opportunity it provides for students, businesses, and community,

Ignite Davie is a college promise program that pays tuition and fees for any Davie resident to attend either campus of DCCC full-time beginning with the Class of 2020. It includes a stipend for books and is available for students to pursue a certificate, associate’s, or college transfer program. It is a place-based last dollar scholarship; which means students must live in and attend school in Davie.

The Class of 2020 will be the inaugural class and the staff at DCHS and DCCC are doing everything they can to make sure students and parents know about this local opportunity – ensuring every student can pursue higher education without incurring student loan debt. Since August, more than 61 students have completed their application.

DCCC staff are attending Smart Lunches at Davie High helping students with applications, and DHS counselors are meeting with every senior to educate them about the program. The Ignite Davie team wants each person in Davie to be informed about the opportunity.

“We have received tremendous enthusiasm for Ignite Davie as our residents learn about the program and realize the potential impact for our students and the community. One question frequently asked is how are we going to make sure there is enough money available when the time comes for their young child to take advantage of Ignite Davie,” said Carolyn McManamy, director of Davie Connect. “I tell them this is why we are working so hard to raise $3 million because we will use the interest earned from the Ignite Davie endowment to pay for the program well into the future. We have the money to pay for several years, but if we want the program to be around when our kindergarten children are seniors, we need raise to endowment dollars. It will take donations of all sizes to get this done.”

Ignite Davie was launched thanks to the commitment of several organizations and individuals.  The Ignite Davie partners created the college promise program and made significant donations to get the fund established. They are now meeting with members of the business community, residents and civic organizations seeking financial support.

“We are receiving donations large and small from global companies to individuals who want to help us reach our goal.  Ignite Davie is a true community collaboration, and it is going to take all of us contributing over the next several years to reach that $3 million goal,” McManamy said.

A couple of the comments from those making commitments to Ignite Davie really get to the heart of why folks are getting involved.

“I’m excited about Ignite for three reasons,” said Mariam Wright, contributor. “No. 1, it’s an opportunity to solve a much-needed problem on a local level; No. 2, the program doesn’t require federal intervention, oversight, bureaucracy and costs; and No. 3, Ignite strengthens our community to attract much-needed industry.”

“I think Ignite Davie is the best thing that has happened in Davie County ever,” said Peggy Wallace, contributor. “Fourteen of my 18 great-grandchildren will ultimately benefit from this program, and I am using some of my savings to support it.”

In total, nearly $1.5 million has been raised for the endowment – putting Ignite Davie almost halfway to the goal. A variety of fundraising opportunities are, and will continue to be, available.

Ignite Your Appetite will be hosted by area restaurants with a portion of the proceeds sent to Ignite Davie; donate your change from admissions at Davie High School basketball games and other sporting events during the year; Text-2-Give at any time by texting IGNITE to 243725; you can make a credit card gift online at the Davie Community Foundation website at www.daviefoundation.org; or mail a check in any amount to the Davie Community Foundation with Ignite Davie in the memo to 135 S. Salisbury St., Mocksville.

Watch the Ignite Davie website and social media for new events and opportunities.

“We’ve had a great response from the community and we encourage everyone to join us by making a donation to the program.  Consider yourself asked. Today it is benefiting our high school students but we are looking ahead to ensure it will benefit today’s elementary students too,” said McManamy.

“Ignite Davie is a college promise program, but it is also a promise for the future of Davie County.”

For information, visit www.ignitedavie.com or call 336.753.6670.