Lack of crosswalk markings deplorable

Published 9:53 am Thursday, December 5, 2019

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To the editor:

I reference the letter to the editor “Why is crosswalk not marked?” on Nov. 21. Ms. Overcash has hit the nail on the head.

There has been no attention given to the crosswalk markings on the square since April 2019, very possibly even before that date. As the surviving victim of the April 2019 accident, I find it deplorable that nothing has been done. To my knowledge, no agency – Mocksville Police Department, City of Mocksville, Davie County, or N.C. Department of Transportation – have taken any action either verbally or in writing to present a plan of action for painting the crosswalks on the square.

There have now been two death/injury accidents within the poorly marked crosswalks.

How many more will there be before something is done?

David Plagemann