Thank you, Marie Collins; all about pets

Published 9:42 am Thursday, November 21, 2019

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On the other side of this page, there is a letter from Marie Collins. The founder and executive director of A Storehouse for Jesus is stepping down. The letter speaks for itself.

Luckily, the ministry she founded back in the 1990s has grown and flourished. From giving away clothes from an outbuilding behind her home to providing medical care to hundreds of local residents who can’t afford it is quite a journey.

It’s a journey from which we could all learn a lesson.

It’s one thing to give away some clothes, it’s another to devote your life to helping others, while expecting nothing in return. That was Marie Collins.

Imagine the growth of that ministry and what it took to get it where it is today – a free-standing facility off US 64 East in Mocksville that not only provides clothes, but dental and medical care, food, counseling and more – manned by volunteers who share her passion for helping others.

A Storehouse for Jesus is a fixture in Davie County. Other communities long for such a fixture, one where their downtrodden can turn to when it seems there’s nowhere else to go.

At A Storehouse, folks not only get food for their stomachs and clothes for their backs, they get love from people who want them to have a better life. They get spiritual love, as well. They are shown the love of Jesus, and hopefully, they continue showing that love to others in their life. It’s a circle that way too often is broken.

But not here.

A Storehouse for Jesus isn’t going anywhere. She built a ministry and people gladly took over tasks that needed to be done. That will continue. That will be Marie Collin’s legacy.

Thank you, Marie Collins. Thank you for A Storehouse. Thank you for your selfless dedication to others. Thank you for never being satisfied for only helping a few, always reaching out to others to fulfill their needs.

Thank you for being you.


Seeing a little more bushy faces on Mocksville police officers these days? It’s No-Shave November.

Male officers are allowed – for the month – to forego the personal appearance policy and let their beards grow. It’s not just for fun, but for a good cause.

The officers pay $1 a day for the privilege. That money – and funds donated by local residents for their favorite officer or beard – go to the Humane Society of Davie County. Keep a track of the progress – and see some mighty cute animals that need adopting – by following Mocksville Police on social media.

It will all end on Nov. 30 from noon-3 p.m. at the police department when a pet adoption drive will be held. Is a pet on your Christmas list? Skip the breeders and adopt one from the local shelter. It will make your life and that of a new four-legged best friend much better.

Pets have almost always been an important part of my life. I had a dog – Simon (named after Simon & Garfunkel) – growing up that was definitely my best friend. Actually, it was my sister’s dog, but I made it mine. That dog was the best listener. No matter your problem – and believe it or not, pre-teen boys and girls have plenty of problems – she would listen. Back then, spay and neuter wasn’t as prevalent. Simon had three litters of puppies, ranging from 9 to 14. They all found homes.

There were other dogs and cats over the years, all – except a couple of cats who did as they pleased when they pleased – were part of my family. I’ve had big dogs and small dogs and just about every size in between.

And they all loved me no matter what.

That’s a gift anyone could appreciate.

– Mike Barnhardt