B-I-N-G-O spells respect

Published 8:24 am Thursday, September 26, 2019

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And the winner is – Davie County.

Madi Rogers, a 2018 finalist in the Davie Respect Initiative, created Banishing Bias Bingo (BBB) as her idea for increasing respect in Davie County which she entered in the Davie Respect Initiative (DRI) Challenge.

“If we actually meet people who are different from us in some way and we get to know them through a conversation, then our biases will drop away. We will have more understanding of who they are and what their lives are like which will lead to more respect for one another.”

She shared the idea with the Beta Club members at North Davie Middle School.  Mrs. Kerr, the teacher advisor for the club, encouraged her to enter it in the DRI Challenge.

How does Banishing Bias Bingo work?

The bingo boards have squares across and down similar to a regular bingo card.  Each square has an instruction the player follows to meet someone who is different from them in some way.  For example, “find someone who was born in a different state” or “find a firefighter/policeman/EMT” or “find someone who is wearing a John Deere hat.” When finding someone matching an item on square, have a conversation to learn more about that person. Ask them to initial or sign the square with the instruction.

The Banishing Bias Bingo boards were distributed to Beta Club members and others at the three Davie County middle schools.  To Madi’s surprise, all students at Ellis Middle School completed and returned their bingo boards. The other middle schools had good participation, too.

What was even more surprising was that many of the BBB players didn’t stop with completing one row or column, they went on to complete every square. Some asked the person they spoke with to share a thought about what respect means to them on the back of the bingo board.

“A lot of people got to know each other by talking about respect and seeing each other through ‘new’ eyes. I never thought an idea I had would have such a positive impact on so many people in Davie County.”

Not only was there bingo with a twist, but then Madi met Bella Brown, another Davie Respect Initiative 2018 finalist, through the DRI challenge process.  Bella’s idea was to open a Cam’s Coffee in Davie County. Cam’s Coffee is a Winston-Salem based coffee shop. The mission is to employ differently-abled individuals in the special needs community. Because Madi’s father is in the DC Home Builders Association, Madi and Bella then had the opportunity to share their DRI winning ideas with the members of the association.

From the WF Davie Medical Center: “Cam’s Coffee pop-ups have been launched at Wake Forest Baptist Health-Davie Medical Center, Plaza 2 starting in July on Tuesdays and Thursday from 9-12. Cam’s Coffee is also excited about partnering with Davie County Home Builders Association to have some rolling coffee carts built in the near future.”

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