Fun fills the air on last day of school

Published 9:05 am Friday, June 14, 2019

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By KC Smith

Cooleemee Correspondent

The last week of Cooleemee Elementary School is packed with fun, excitement and joy.  The kids are glad to be out for the summer and the teachers are ready to get their summer vacations under way.

The last day of school is filled with all of those emotions – including sadness.

The atmosphere of the school and staff will tell you being there is like being with family.

A new teacher, Laura Beirne, talked about how she felt about the first year experience while her students were giving her hugs.  “I’ve had the best time and I absolutely love being here and I love all the students.  It’s been so welcoming, we’re like being family and I just love it.  I’m gong to be so sad today.”

Bierne was funny as she approached the seat she was to occupy while the students got their well-earned cups of water. She had a look of dread and “I can’t believe I’m about to do this.”  I’m sure her family is still talking about it and she will be so ready for the next year to do it again.  Welcome Ms. Birene.

While each class waited until it was their turn to take a red cup filled with cold water and throw it toward a teacher, they would shout teachers name they wanted to get wet.

Not all students got the same amount of cups, some had one, some had six, and it just depended on achievement.    

The energy was extreme excitement from all. They were dancing, acting silly, teachers were taking photos and making sure all the students had a grand time.

Principal Cindy Stone saw one student dancing alone and she ran over and started dancing with him.  You can find that video on youtube: Cooleemee School Last Day 2019.      

Teresa Carter was giving hugs to her students and since she was soaking wet she got a couples screams out of them.

Kristy Kaufman had the most unusual poses as she was trying to avoid getting hit with the cold water.

Jill Whitaker and Andrea Cranfill were quite animated and the kids loved it.

All the teachers were a lot of fun and this event is a great way to finalize another school year.

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