Town approves initial annexation request

Published 9:16 am Thursday, February 7, 2019

Mocksville board members last month approved an initial annexation request from Ace/Deuce Properties for land next to Advance Auto Parts on Yadkinville Road.

Town Manager Matt Settlemyer said the city limits go in and out along Yadkinville Road. Land on both sides of the request are already in the town limits.

A Taco Bell restaurant is planned for the site. The Taco Bell attached to a nearby convenience store will be closed. “We’ll still be a one Taco Bell town,” Settlemyer said.

The board heard from auditor Eddie Carrick, who gave the town a “clean” report, meaning that records accurately reflect monies received and spent.

Revenues were down, mainly because of a change in the way the county distributes the local option sales tax, he said.

Expenditures were up, and Carrick said that was because of some major projects such as the Main Street Park, vehicle purchases and other one-time, “special” projects.

Mayor Will Marklin said it had been a good year. “I know we spent money, but it was well worth it,” said board member, Amy Vaughan-Jones.