Ingersoll Rand moving jobs to Davie

Published 10:51 am Thursday, January 31, 2019

Ingersoll Rand has announced that it plans to transfer the majority of its core product line production to Mocksville from Buffalo, N.Y., by July as part of a global consolidation strategy.

The company plans to hire approximately 40 new assembly, machinery, and technical manufacturing jobs between its Mocksville and Davidson, plants, according to Misty Zelent, communications leader, Industrial Businesses for Ingersoll Rand.

The Mocksville plant, which sits on 130 acres off Sanford Avenue, employs around 400 full-time employees and supports the Compression Technology Services Branch of Ingersoll Rand through the manufacturing of rotary, centrifugal, and Thermo King air compressors and the fabrication of parts for its Trane businesses.

This is the second job shift of work from another Ingersoll Rand plant to Mocksville in less than a year. Zelent said the shift of the Buffalo product line “further fulfills the company’s ‘in-region for region’ manufacturing philosophy.”

“Consolidating manufacturing continues our strategy, and previously announced plans, to expand and scale for future global growth, reduce duplicated fixed costs, and efficiently and effectively serve our customers.”

Terry Bralley, president of the Davie County Economic Development Commission, appreciates the significant role Ingersoll Rand has played in the community for more than 50 years.

“Mocksville and Davie County are proud to host Ingersoll Rand, one of the leaders in the world in advanced manufacturing,” said Bralley. “For decades Ingersoll Rand has been the crown jewel of our community, providing jobs, and developing skills in the workforce for generations.

This continued growth and investment into their machining operation is great news for the future of this facility and our community.”

The Mocksville plant opened in 1965 and began machining rotary components for air compressors. Since then, the Mocksville team has manufactured assemblies and components for many products within Ingersoll Rand’s product portfolio. The plant has experienced tremendous growth over the last several years as select assembly operations for Trane and Thermo King equipment were moved to the Mocksville plant.

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