Cooleemee’s first Christmas parade a success

Published 9:40 am Friday, November 30, 2018

By KC Smith

Cooleemee Correspondent

On Nov. 24, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, the Town of Cooleemee had its first Christmas Parade. With rain through early morning hours and on up to 2 p.m., the chance we took paid off.  The parade started at 4 and the rain was gone.

Big fire trucks were all around and what an addition they made to the parade.Thank you so much for being there and for all you do to keep us safe.

A silver convertible sports car was carrying a beautiful girl, Cooleemee’s own Little Miss Christmas, Aubrey Reavis. Her petite crown was a perfect adornment to her long blonde hair that had note one hair out of place.  She had the poise of a true with a hand wave that looked to be well rehearsed with perfection.  Thank you Aubrey for representing your town of Cooleemee with honor. Andy and Ashton Reavis are the parents of Aubrey and were her escorts.

Jeff Smith had 30 star balloons of all colors for children. Arms were stretched far to receive one.

Another convertible had three princesses in the back seat and they were dressed in glamour and were what everyone looks for in a parade.

Golf carts are always fun to decorate and several trailers were decorated in a fine way.

Everyone looked like they had fun, especially when the last fire truck started coming and Santa was sitting on the wide ledge in the front and center of the truck.

At interval where children were standing on the sidewalk, the truck would safely stop and Santa hopped off the truck and walked over to the children. He asked them if they were being good and I’m almost positive they said yes.

Santa was at the cook shack where everyone was served a hamburger, a drink, bag of chips and popcorn.  All of these goodies were free.

The Cooleemee Historical Association were accommodating to open the house to provide access.

For our first time you can say our first parade was a success.  To all of those who volunteered, we, the town of Cooleemee, want to say thank you.

To all those who came and stood in the cold we want to thank you and hope you come again next year.  You can now always brag and say, I was at the first Christmas Parade in Cooleemee.