Sugar Valley cadets help with hurricane relief

Published 10:45 am Thursday, October 25, 2018

One of the many missions of the Civil Air Patrol is disaster relief.

When a hurricane hits the United States, the Civil Air Patrol is always ready to help during the aftermath.

Following Hurricane Florence, several cadets from the Sugar Valley Composite Squadron in Mocksville were deployed to the coast to help with the relief efforts.

The Sugar Valley cadets included: Chief Master Sgt. Michael Herman, 16, Chief Master Sgt. Madelyn Ruperto, 17, Technical Sgt. Asuncion Martinez, 16, and Airman Michael Wood, 16.

Cadets and senior members came from all over North Carolina, and other states, including Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland, and more. CAP was assigned to many tasks, but one important task assigned was handing out supplies at Points of Distribution, or “PODs.”

The Sugar Valley Cadets were deployed to a large “POD” in Wilmington. Cadets gave out MREs (meals) and water, along with tarps upon request. Cadets assisted in directing traffic, stopping vehicles coming for supplies, loading vehicles with food and water, and keeping tally of all supplies.

When cadets were not on duty, they relaxed in a break area. After a long, hot day of work, cadets bunked in a nearby emptied warehouse, along with local emergency services and National Guard.

One afternoon on the POD, cadets had the privilege to ride in the National Guard’s specific type of FMTV, or Family of Medium Type Vehicles. Cadets came to understand how important it is to be helping others during times of devastation and need.

Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Ruperto said: “The time I spent helping Florence victims taught me the importance of service. The ability to drop what you’re doing without warning to help those in need.”

Civil Air Patrol cadets ages 12- 21 also have the opportunity to train and perform search and rescue, fly in powered aircraft and gliders with orientation flights, promote and wear the uniforms, learn drill and leadership skills, fly drones, build and launch model rockets, attend encampments, participate in national cadet activities, and much more.

The Sugar Valley Composite Squadron welcomes visitors to all meetings, every Tuesday from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Sugar Valley Airport, 249 Gilbert Road, Mocksville. Visit for more information..