Officers confiscate more than 66 pounds of cocaine

Published 10:47 am Thursday, October 25, 2018

More than 66 pounds of cocaine were confiscated from a truck last week in Mocksville, and four people have been arrested.

Davie Sheriff J.D. Hartman said his department received a tip about a truck that may be transporting drugs. The truck had been stopped by authorities in the past and large amounts of cash were confiscated.

Sheriff’s officers set up a surveillance of the truck,  a 53-foot Volvo refrigerated truck, parked behind NA Truck Stop on US 601 North in Mocksville.

The officers noticed a Ford Taurus drive into the parking lot, and two men went to the truck and two duffel bags were exchanged. They surrounded the suspects, and confiscated more than 66 pounds of cocaine and $3,200 cash.

The officers were also left with a load of lemons, which were in the refrigerated truck. The store where the lemons were headed said they couldn’t be accepted if the seal on the refrigerated truck had been broken.

Hartman said lemons were given to non-profits and others.

The two men in the truck, Aaron Arnoldo Moreno, 30, of Edinburg, Texas, and Yosiel Abreu of Kissimmee, Fla., were arrested.

Hartman thinks the two men in the car gave false names, but said they were Jorge Enrique Guerrero Ruiz and Christopher Haldago Ramirez. All were taken into custody in lieu of a $1 million bond each.

All four requested an attorney and refused to cooperate with the officers, he said.