Agency gets new name, mission the same

Published 9:33 am Thursday, October 11, 2018

Davie Domestic Violence Services and Rape Crisis Center has changed its name to Davie Center for Violence Prevention.

The new name and logo continues to reflect the mission to end domestic violence and sexual assault through crisis intervention, advocacy, resources, education, and support services.

The program seeks to reduce the incidences of family violence in the community through early and appropriate intervention and direct services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. The services provided to victims and their family members include: crisis intervention, counseling, advocacy, and accompaniment to court and/or the magistrate’s office, assistance with filing of legal documents (e.g. 50-B, motions), referrals to law enforcement agencies and service providers, referral to local community resources, coordination of emergency shelter, and a 24 hour crisis intervention and victim assistance hotline.

Davie Domestic Violence Services was formed on June 13, 1994 as the county manager, a county commissioner, and community members met to address domestic violence in Davie County and the lack of services for victims. Those attending became the board of directors and agreed this would become a county agency.

Several months later, the board adopted a mission statement … “The mission of Davie Domestic Violence Services is to prevent violence in families and to educate, guide, counsel and assist those residents who participate and are victims of such violence.”

The following year, the agency received a grant from the NC Department of Crime Control and Public Safety, Drug Control and System Improvement.

Davie Domestic Violence Services had assisted sexual assault victims since its inception, however, on Oct. 23, 1998, the board added Rape Crisis Center to the agency name so these services would be more apparent to the public. The agency became known as Davie Domestic Violence Services and Rape Crisis Center.

Ten years later, on Sept. 24, 2008 at the annual board meeting, members voted to amend the mission statement. The new mission statement would include sexual assault victims and emphasize prevention measures: The mission of Davie Domestic Violence Services and Rape Crisis Center is to end domestic violence and sexual assault in the community through empowerment, advocacy, education, awareness and action for social change.

In order to accomplish its mission, staff members were added and volunteers were recruited and trained. Throughout its history, the agency has received funding from: NC Council for Women, Domestic Violence, Marriage License, Sexual Assault, and Divorce Fees; Governor’s Crime Commission, Victims of Crime Act; Health and Human Services, Family Violence Prevention Services Act, and Rape Prevention Education; Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, Duke Endowment Foundation, and the Davie County United Way.

Under the county’s new consolidation model, Davie Center for Violence Prevention remains a county agency under Health and Human Services with Suzanne Wright as director. Lisa Ivester was appointed to serve as the director.

Davie Center for Violence Prevention remains 73 percent grant funded, receiving office space, information technology support, accounting services and fringe benefits from the county. Referrals are received from the clerk’s office, magistrate’s office, law enforcement, department of social services, health department, Davie County Schools, mental health services, local businesses, friends and family.

The center has four full-time staff members. Trained volunteers, most who are survivors, assist with crisis intervention, the crisis line, outreach and prevention programs, support groups and office assistance.

“We wanted our name and logo to more accurately reflect the mission,” Ivester said. “Our new name is more welcoming and supportive, and speaks to our renewed commitment to prevent violence in our community.”

For details on services or how to be part of the solution, call 336-751-3450 or visit on Facebook. The 24-hour crisis line is 33-751-HELP.