Dig Teal match to honor coach

Published 9:16 am Thursday, September 20, 2018

The South Davie and Ellis volleyball teams will come together as one to fight ovarian cancer on Oct. 16 at 4:30 p.m. at South in the first-annual Dig Teal match.

Admission will be $4 at the door, and T-shirts will be sold for $20.

Ovarian cancer is known as the “silent killer.” It is the deadliest of all women’s cancers. One in 72 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every five minutes. About 22,240 women will receive a diagnosis in 2018 and about 14,070 will die from ovarian cancer in 2018. Ovarian cancer is 10 times more deadly than breast cancer.

Ovarian cancer has no screening test, no cure and very little funding for research. However, if caught early enough chances of survival increase.

South Davie’s 12th-year coach, Gloria Chalmers, 37, has been battling ovarian cancer since March 2015. We want to honor her and all other cancer patients, including those still battling cancer and those who have passed away.

All money raised at this match will be donated to Teal Diva, a not for profit, charitable organization. The mission of Teal Diva is to celebrate victories, honor memories, empower women, educate the community and fund diagnostic research for ovarian and other gynecologic cancers.

Be a sponsor and help us achieve our mission to raise awareness for ovarian cancer and to find a cure for the “Silent Killer.” Sponsors donating $100 or more will be posted on the banner that will be displayed at the Dig Teal match.

If you are not able to sponsor our match, consider a donation in any amount. You can make your check payable to South Davie Middle School and write Dig Teal in the memo.

Chalmers’ players had this to say about her inspirational battle with ovarian cancer.

Cailynn Kopetzky, sixth grader: “This game is important to me because I am growing into a woman. This disease kills mothers, daughters, sisters, wives – the list goes on and on. Ovarian cancer affects women, regardless of their title or role in this world. This game gives me hope that one day they will find a cure.”

Brooke Thurmond, seventh grader: “I think this sport is very important because it doesn’t feel like you’re playing with any ordinary players. It feels like you are very close to your teammates, and coach Chalmers makes that even better.”

Aubrey Lucas, eighth grader: “I believe that Dig Teal is important because it not only helps continue the research for a cure for ovarian cancer, but also lifts these women’s spirits and it helps them to know that people care and want to help them through this tough journey in life.”

Kylie McClamrock, seventh grader: “Dig Teal is to raise money for people with ovarian cancer and to let people know what it is. For a long time I didn’t even know my coach was sick, and when I found out, I’d never heard of that cancer. Coach helps the whole team be better people and better players, and this is a small way we can help her. If enough people come and support this game, maybe we can make a difference.”

Lauren O’Connor, seventh grader: “Coach Chalmers has been such a great coach to me, on and off the court. I am so glad we can honor her and other ovarian cancer victims with this match. I proudly wear teal to honor my coach, and in memory of my grandma and my aunt who both passed away from ovarian cancer almost four years ago.”

Melissa O’Connor (Lauren’s mother): “Gloria had a wonderful idea to have the dig teal match. It has been awesome to see the team, the school and the community embrace the match to honor coach Chalmers. She has been so strong and courageous in her battle with ovarian cancer. I feel blessed she is my daughter’s coach, and it is apparent others feel this way in the responses so far.”

Jordan Kistner, seventh grader: “This match is truly important to me because it’s for such an amazing lady, coach and mentor. Coach Chalmers is such a wonderful person, and I’m so glad we get to honor her and other victims of ovarian cancer in this game.”

Melissa Kistner (Jordan’s mother): “As a mom, I am honored to be a part of an event to support coach Chalmers and other cancer victims. Coach Chalmers is an amazing teacher and has been a fantastic support system for my daughter.”

Seventh-grader Peyton Green came up with the idea to have Teal Diva Day at Corn Maze at Greenhill Family Farms on Oct. 6. She and some teammates will run concessions that day to raise money for Teal Diva. She said: “It makes me sad for her daughter and just think, it could just as easily be (my mother) we’re doing this for.”

Holt Carter, seventh grader: “I think this game is important because raising money for a good cause is something we all should do. Coach Chalmers is always so supportive of us, and we should do the same for her.”

Sydney Dirks, eighth grader: “This game is so important to all of us girls because we know how much Mrs. Chalmers has fought and how much this has impacted her life and the lives of her loved ones. We are so proud of her and grateful to call her our coach. We love her so much, not only as a coach but as a person. As she always says we are a family not only during the volleyball season but forever. We want to show people that they can get through everything.”