4-H shooting sports teams bring home awards

Published 9:51 am Thursday, August 23, 2018

Davie 4-H shooting sports teams competed in  the NC Central 4-H Regional Shooting Sports Tournament at Millstone 4-H Center on Saturday, Aug. 18.

Sixteen shooters participated on two Senior Teams (ages 14-18) and two Junior Teams (ages 9-13).

Senior teams/members competed in Shotgun, Open Class Smallbore Rifle, Telescopic Class Smallbore Rifle, Smallbore Pistol, Match Compound Archery. Hunter/Sporter Compound Archery, Air Rifle, Air Pistol and Muzzleloader.

The Senior “Blaze” Team of Stephen Walker, Mattie Clark, Caleb Mathis and Mason Hollar(except Archery) had Team Finishes of first in Match Compound Archery, Hunter/Sporter Archery, Muzzleloader and O-Class Rifle and second in T-Class Rifle.

The Senior Green Team of Miracle Cline, Isaiah Mitchell, Chandler Carter and Rebekah Walker finished second in Muzzleloader.

All seniors qualified in Smallbore pistol, the Green Team actually had the High Score, but were entered as individuals and The Blaze Team second, but again were entered as individuals, so did not place as teams.

Juniors competed in Shotgun, Air rifle and Air Pistol, O-Class Rifle, T-Class Rifle, Compound Archery and Muzzleloader.

The Junior Blaze Team of Jacob Durham, Naomi Hellard, Samantha Taylor, Righteous Cline and Dallie Lakey, finished first in Compound Archery, and T-Class Rifle with second place finishes in Muzzleloader and O-Class Rifle.

The Junior Green Team finished first in Air Rifle. The Jr Green Team is made up of Timothy Walker, Will Newland and Eli Parker.

Individual and High Overall (HOA) Awards went to: Senior Stephen Walker in Hunter/Sporter Compound Archery, third, Muzzleloader, second, Smallbore Pistol, second, Compound Match Archery, second,  and Air Pistol, first.

Senior Caleb Mathis was second individual for Shotgun and Senior Isaiah Mitchell was third and Individual in Air Rifle.

Junior Naomi Hellard placed second individual in Shotgun, third in Compound Archery and third for T-Class Rifle. Junior Samantha Taylor was second for Compound Archery and Junior Will Newland was second and individual for Air Pistol. Junior Eli Parker was in a three-way tie for third for Individual Shotgun, but ended up fifth following the tie-breaker.

All participants qualified in one or more events for the NC State 4-H Shooting Sports Tournament at Millstone on Sept. 29.

“This is the second year we have qualified all of our kids. We only had 16 participants this year compared to 23 last year, but this was our best showing ever at the regional tournament,” said Nelson Cowden.

Seniors won five of seven team events, and were second in two. The Junior Teams won two events and finished second in two more of the six team events entered.

“Also, a tremendous job was done by our parents and coaches, keeping everyone organized and in the right places, fed and hydrated on a sweltering day. I have to say we have some awesome families involved with our 4-H program parents, grandparents, siblings and and of course those participating. I am very proud to be a part of this organization,” Cowden said.