In jail for a good cause

Published 9:18 am Thursday, July 5, 2018

The Mocksville branch of Bank of the Ozarks hosted a Jail-a-thon fundraiser for the American Heart Association June 26-27.

The jailbirds raised just over $5,000 from some of Davie County’s finest. All of the bail money supports the American Heart Association.

Warrants were issued for the following:

• Jason Caputo from Mocksville Family Dentistry for Fighting Cavities;

• Tess from Miller’s restaurant for Loitering at the Beach;

• Tim Wall for Looking Fine for His Age;

• Brandon Byers from Davie Chiropractic for Cracking Bones;

• Melissa Hardy from Mocksville Tire and Automotive for Being the Crazy Cat Lady;

• Barbara Laymon from Mocksville Vision Center for always Looking so stylish;

• Jerry Prater from Mid Carolina Logistics for Being a Beach Bum;

•Frances Tutterow from Carolina Drilling for Being so Feisty;

•Mary Weaver from Carefree Rentals for Making False Accusations;

• Rachel Troyer from Carefree Rentals for Being Mysteriously Quiet;

• Dottie Graham from Bank of the Ozarks was detained for Resisting Arrest.

• Also arrested by Sgt. James Taylor was Chad Stoltzfus and Paul Nisley, Mark White from Foster Drug, Kay Donathan from Larry Ledford’s office, Rodney Pierce the director of Davie emergency communications, and Phil Fuller from Fuller Welding.

• Cpl. Jon Telinger arrested Chad Fuller from Fuller Contracting, Tiffany Horne from Mirror Image, Mark Walser from Shoaf Coal and Sand Co., Mayor Will Marklin from Daniel Furniture and Ronnie James from CJ’s Restaurant.

• Deputy Adan Benitez arrested Grady McClamrock Jr. and Dean Allen from Deno’s BBQ.

• Lt. Mark Crater arrested Curtis Kyles from Kyles Trucking.

• Brent Shoaf, register of deeds, looked the part and took his warrant seriously.

• Clerk of Court Ellen Drechsler got into character and brought her own shiv stuffed in a Little Debbie cake.

• Robin Mason from Crott’s Family Farm was desperate to get out.

The arrestees were all great sports and may be planning some revenge for future jail-a-thons.