Students recognized for good behavior

Published 10:06 am Thursday, June 14, 2018

Each year, students are recognized for displaying traits of good character.

The students selected to represent their schools exemplify the traits of compassion, courage, honesty, justice, loyalty, respect, responsibility and self-discipline. These students were recognized at the Character Education Awards Night held in the auditorium at Davie County High School.

Shane Nixon, pastor at First Baptist Church in Mocksville and DCHS men’s tennis coach, was the speaker. He shared a story about an elevator operator who had asked a vice president to hire his son, only the son ended up stealing from the company and had to be fired. The VP avoided the elevator operator best he could, trying to avoid an uncomfortable situation, until the fateful day they met again. The elevator operator understood the awkwardness and let the VP know not to worry about his son because: “There ain’t no right way to do wrong.” The VP was so impressed that he had a sign made with the saying, which hung behind his desk the rest of his working days.

The students were presented with certificates.

Cooleemee Elementary

Kindergarten – Lily Greer, Kylan Dulin.

First Grade – Macie Froelich, Payton Rogers.

Second Grade – Javion Chambers, Isabelle Luffman.

Third Grade – Jameer Bost, McKenzie Frye, Zachary Scott.

Fourth Grade – Alex Romero, Ami Zamora.

Fifth Grade – Johsellin Rodriguez, Hunter Daywalt.

Cornatzer Elementary

Kindergarten – Harrison James, Amy Younger.

First Grade – Bailey Williams, Douglas Davis.

Second Grade – Garrett Whittaker, Lake Carver.

Third Grade – Aiden Horton, Addie Brown.

Fourth Grade – Parker Faircloth, Carly Crouch, Logan Register.

Fifth Grade – Kevin Cline, Mallorie Brown.

Mocksville Elementary

Kindergarten – Andrea James, James Evans.

First Grade – Ty Cozart, Kaylee Lawson.

Second Grade – Preston Young, Keira Lynch.

Third Grade – Leighton Reavis, Diana Marcelino.

Fourth Grade – Terriek Bruce, Precious Jimerson.

Fifth Grade – Aranza Roque-Trejo, Joseph Molina, Samael Nemethvargo.

Pinebrook Elementary

Kindergarten – Lucy Crenshaw, Cass Davis.

First Grade – Easton Stanley, Briarly Holcomb.

Second Grade – Claire Hutton, Henry Hines.

Third Grade – Meredith Harpe, William Schoneman.

Fourth Grade – Clara Phelps, Cody White.

Fifth Grade – Avery Carter, John Weese, Sierna Purkey.

Shady Grove Elementary

Kindergarten – Elin Callison, Kyle Tomlinson.

First Grade – Bowen Callison, Allie Mitchell, Felicity Bautista.

Second Grade – Giulianna Steuart, Joshua McBride.

Third Grade – Caitlyn Perry, Rylan Berrier.

Fourth Grade – Anna Edwards, Casimiro Garcia.

Fifth Grade – Katelyn Murphy, Jacob Mitchel.

William R. Davie


Kindergarten – Zoe Shore, Jace Moody.

First Grade – Abby Allison, Connor Gannon.

Second Grade – Gage Williams, Carrington Pitcher.

Third Grade – Kelly Gannon, Leslie Ramirez, Hannah Hill.

Fourth Grade – Kyndell Murphy, Avram Anderson.

Fifth Grade – Jennifer Gonzalez, Mason Ballou-Tomel.

North Davie Middle

Sixth Grade – Zane Dyson, Christian Pope, Kathryn Harpe, Olivia Swisher.

Seventh Grade – Walker Jones, Mason Shermer, Ziyah Etchison, Gracie Wilson, Christopher Williams.

Eighth Grade – Kasey Williford, Emily Hunley, Luke Roberts, Bryce Childress.

South Davie Middle

Sixth Grade – Lucas Shoffner, Catalina Lopez Guzman, Samantha Froelich, TeVeon Meredith.

Seventh Grade – Sydney Dirks, Diya Patel, Hector Salas-Garcia, Ty Dyson.

Eighth Grade – Abigail Reynolds, Ana Karen Maya, Marielle Youker, Wesley Mason, Stephanie Gilliam.

William Ellis Middle

Sixth Grade – Ashley Holly, Erin Fincher, Tripp Bradshaw, Luke Clark.

Seventh Grade – John Harrison Kiger, Lawson Hire, Ava Brooke Smith, Savannah Ivey.

Eighth Grade – Andrew Brown

Amber Crouch

Anna Mackey

Caleb Mathis

Jarret Barnes

Central Davie Academy


Bridget Draughn

Davie County Early College High School


Austin Wyatt

Esmeralda Chiliapa-Marcelina


Zaid Serrano-Hernandez

Lluvia Bello-Cervantes


Easton Kilgore

Skylar Sweitzer


Mason Stanley

Jennifer Granadero

Davie County High School


David Bates

Benjamin Crenshaw

Rachel Devereaux

Sadie Essic

Emma Helton

Kristian Lyons

David Marion

Cren Rosenbaum

Carly Wall


Kenan Boswell

Jessica Crosby

Isaiah Cuthrell

Brooks Johnson

Cassidy Kluttz

Bailey McKnight

Spencer Nifong

Bishop Norman

Mackenzie Umberger


Will Barney

Maddie Bell

Justin Boardwine

Alexis Dulin

Hite Merrifield

Madison Nardone

Anthony Olmedo-Griffin

Jesus Olmedo-Griffin

Allie Smart

Sydney Wyatt


Amelia Correll

Marvin Del Cid

Anna Devereaux

Emilee Dishman

Nyasha Hall

Chance Hendrix

Patrycja Leszczuk

Ben Marklin

Larry Roberson

Sara Stanley