Animal euthansia rate at all-time low

Published 8:50 am Thursday, May 31, 2018

The new numbers are in and euthanasia is at an all-time low in Davie County at 18 percent for 2018.

The save rate for dogs surrendered to the Davie County Animal Shelter is 86 percent. The Humane Society of Davie County (HSDC) and Davie County Animal Services (DCAS) had a record breaking year since they partnered July, 1, 2017.

An adoptable dog surrendered to the Davie County Animal Shelter since July 1 has not been euthanized due to space.

“It is not only young puppies, friendly labs, or purebreds being adopted. We have successfully adopted elderly pets, sick and injured, shy or un-socialized, and bully breeds into loving homes or released them to a rescue,” said Carrie DuPre, humane society marketing manager.

The society has drastically improved cat and kitten euthanasia rates as well.

“HSDC has many programs in place now to help the homeless cat population in Davie County. We have a kitten transport program, an adoption program through Petsense Clemmons, working cat program, increased low cost spay/neuter clinics, and increased the direct shelter adoption rate,” DuPre said.

Last year, Davie County purchased the humane society of animal shelter to become the new Davie County Animal Shelter. The two groups agreed to work together to help achieve the mission of No-kill Davie by 2020.

“DCAS operates the shelter including animal intake, animal care, initial vetting, and law enforcement. HSDC runs the adoption and release to rescue program, provides medical care to unhealthy adoptables, operates three low-cost spay/neuter clinics, oversees the working cat program, plans major and minor fundraisers, and runs a youth and adult volunteer program.

“We are closing in on our goal of No-Kill Davie and we need help from the community to keep it going,” DuPre said.

No-Kill is widely considered a 10 percent euthanasia rate. The society needs monetary donations, items donated off their wish-list, volunteers, and foster homes to continue the work at the county shelter. Donations are tax-deductible. Checks can be mailed to 291 Eaton Road, Mocksville, donate by visiting