Bermuda Commons robbers facing prison

Published 9:14 am Friday, April 27, 2018

The two men who stole narcotics from Bermuda Commons Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in 2016 were sentenced in Davie Superior Court April 11.

Jesse James Doss, 30, and Joshua Wayne Gobble, 34, of Mocksville, entered the Advance facility around 1 a.m. Sept. 30, 2016, to steal narcotics. Gobble was armed with a 10-inch butcher knife, according to Assistant DA Alan Martin.

The men were wearing hoodies and carried a sign that demanded narcotics. A nurse handed over large quantities of the drugs with a value of approximately $18,140 from a locked drawer, and then the men demanded cash. He used the knife to threaten three staff members.

A year-long investigation by members of the Davie County Sheriff Department and the Mocksville Police Department was aided by the men themselves, who bragged to people about what they had done and posted information about their crime on social media.

When Doss was interviewed, he gave a “very detailed statement and implicated Gobble. He said Mr. Gobble wanted him to go with him. Mr. Gobble had the more active role and is the more culpable of the two defendants,” Martin said. One of the nurses was so affected by the robbery that she had a panic attack and fainted.

Doss’ attorney, Michael Parker, told Judge Marty McGee, “It’s all about the drugs. The drugs won’t turn loose and Mr. Doss couldn’t turn loose at the time. He got hooked on opioids and his friend says ‘I know where I can get some,’ and here we are. He told me they were high as a kite when they went in there that night to do this.”

Parker said he is always amazed at the change in the skin tones of his clients who are addicts, forced to get clean while incarcerated. He said they generally have a “gray” skin tone when he meets them for the first time but look healthy by the time they appear in court.

Doss told McGee he became hooked on narcotics following surgeries on his hip and back.

“I’ve gotten saved since I’ve been incarcerated, and I hope I’m on the right track now,” Doss said.

On a charge of robbery with a dangerous weapon, Doss was sentenced to 48 to 70 months with credit for 38 days in jail. He is to have no contact with any of the victims or Gobble and is not allowed on the Bermuda Commons property. He must submit a DNA sample, obtain a substance abuse assessment, and was recommended for work release.

He must pay an attorney fee of $585 and $2,791.32 restitution jointly/severally with Gobble to Bermuda Commons.

A charge of attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon was dismissed per plea.

Gobble was sentenced to 54 to 77 months for robbery with a dangerous weapon. He was given credit for 250 days. He must obtain a substance abuse assessment and any recommended treatment and submit a DNA sample.

He is to have no contact with Doss or go on the property of Bermuda Commons. He must pay court costs, an attorney fee of $772, and restitution of $2791.32 jointly/severally with Doss.

A charge of attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon was dismissed.