NC Senate District 31 GOP Candidates: Joyce Krawiec

Published 4:05 pm Monday, April 23, 2018

Why did you decide to seek public office?

Krawiec: I have been an activist for many years working as a volunteer for conservative causes. I advocated for Lower taxes, Less Government, More Freedom. I worked on many other campaigns to elect good men and women. I served in many positions within the Republican Party, including Vice Chair of the NCGOP. Serving in the Legislature was not something I ever aspired to. Circumstances  led me to my position. I was asked to fill a vacancy in the House, after the death of my Representative. I did not seek election. I was then asked to fill a Senate vacancy when my Senator retired. I have been blessed to be reelected for two terms. It has been my honor to serve the citizens of the district and I hope to continue in that role.

Should private foundations created to support a state college or university be required to follow current open records law?

Krawiec: Yes. Private foundations should not be exempt from open records law. Transparency and accountability are crucial. Foundations promote fundraising, event planning, publicity, etc. for the universities. These foundations should be open and transparent and held to high scrutiny.  Public universities are supported by taxpayer funding and many foundations and universities share resources. Foundations frequently supplement salaries of university administrators, particularly coaches and athletic directors. Many news stories have highlighted abuses by foundations in wasteful spending and nepotism. All records should be completely open when taxpayer funds are involved.

What do you expect to be the top issue for Legislators next year and how would you deal with that issue?

Krawiec: The Legislature will face many important issues in the next session. All are important. We will continue the work on processes already started, economy/jobs, education reform, tax cuts, regulation reform, etc.

Since I chair Health and Human Services, obviously, my focus will be on important changes taking place in that arena. We are in the process of reforming the entire system of Medicaid and Child Welfare services. These changes have been long needed. Medicaid will be going to a capitated system and we believe this will deliver better health care to more people at a lower cost. Child Welfare services are being reformed as well and the result will be better services for our children. We have seen a huge increase  in children entering our system due to the opioid crisis. And I use the word CRISIS, very intentionally.  My committees are focusing on the addiction issue and placed it on the top of our radar.  Many changes have been made for addiction intervention, opening more treatment beds/facilities and in depth treatment to stop the rotating door of substance abuse and treatment. With successful treatment, many people can return to jobs and families and become a vital asset to our communities. We cannot give up on those most in need.

Other Issues

Krawiec: I am a proud Christian, Conservative, Republican, in that order. I am humbled and honored to serve my fellow citizens. I never forget that I work for those who have given me the opportunity to serve. My door is always open and I welcome hearing from my constituents. My office is known for giving the best constituent service. If a constituent request goes unserved, I want to know about it. I believe that Government goes to those who show up. Citizens need to “show up” and let legislators hear from them. Special interests are always going to be heard. I want to hear directly from the citizens. That is who I represent.

I believe government that governs least, governs best. Free people left to their own talents do almost everything better without the heavy hand of government. Business owners and individual talents are capable of great things and government should get out of the way and allow them to pursue their dreams.

The money you earn is yours. We are blessed to have generous citizens willing to share these resources in order for government to function. We should not be asked to fund things outside of core government responsibilities. We have lost sight of that somehow.

I am proud to have played a part in the policies initiated in the last few years to allow citizens to keep more of their money. After all, they earned it in the first place and nobody can decide how to spend it better than the families who earned it the old fashioned way, WORKING FOR IT.

I have a long history of speaking, writing and voting. I am an open book. Nobody should wonder about where I stand on almost every issue. My website is full of examples. There are news stories out there criticizing me for my bold stances and comments. I welcome that discussion and am happy to discuss my record at any time. I look forward to continuing to serve the citizens of District 31.